Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 15 of the 30 Day Horror Challenge: House of 1000 Corpses Takes Manhattan

Day 15 - Your favorite horror film involving serial killers –

“She had a corpse under her bed. She had her fun but now he’s dead. Her momma said come feed desire. Her brother said “Hey, throw her on the fire… “”

It’s not a necessity that if you like a Rob Zombie film that you have to love this music. It is also true that if you love his music you don’t have to like his movies. I think that if you like House of a 1000 Corpses as much as I do, you probably like both equally if not above all other films and music. I have enjoyed Mr. Zombie’s work since I first laid my ears on Thunderkiss ’65 back in the mid-90’s. I was young, impressionable; the sexy art work had me hooked almost as much as the excellent horror/B-movie samples. Almost as much as those crazy bass and guitar riffs. Zombie has me hooked period (.). I love the music videos shot for his songs and the music videos he’s shot for others. Until recently if you asked me which living musician I would like to meet it was probably either Ozzy Osbourne or Geezer Butler, but I’m pretty sure it’s Rob Zombie all the way (motherfucka) right now.

Hero worship/praise at the undead alter fin… now onto this film. This film pretty much tackles everything you love about low budget or Grindhouse style filmmaking and then puts in it an accessible package with a great soundtrack and both sexy and funny actors. Don’t believe me huh? Maybe I’ll make you my latest art project and turn you into a fucking mermaid person for the sake of ‘fuck you’. No, no… we don’t turn the readers into art work to torture them. We make them read more blog entries.

Rainn Wilson is the perfect straight man going into the “haunted house” trying to prove how brave he is only to find out just how dead he is about to become. Sherri Moon Zombie. If I had to say more about her then you’d think I’d never seen her or heard her. She’s a creepy young woman. She’s a super sexy ball of Satan (not read as Satan’s ball or testicle… like ball of fire). Her cutesy but deadly rendition of Baby is seductive and menacing. You’ll wish you were dead by the time she’s done with you, but most likely you’ll fantasize about her either while she’s killing you or just before you realize you’ll never get to fantasize about another woman again and probably won’t mind that she’s killed you once you’re dead. Hot and smart and evil. Then we’ve got our beloved Bill Moseley. You know why he’s a great serial killer. You know it because you saw him play Chop Top and were always waiting for the sequel to Texas Chainsaw 2. You were waiting for another film that really gave him another go at the whole killing people for fun and profit ideal. Karen Black has aged some but she is the fox you remember. She is the amazing actress that starred in your favorite 70’s classics. Sid Haig… makes me want to snort the vented air from a large hand gun emission and eat fried chicken and tell someone to fuck their grandma.

Probably the most important thing in a great serial killer movie is the cast. The story is all killing… and maybe some mystery, but mostly killing lots. Creative killing is a plus and we’ve got that with buckets of fried chicken to spare. You might even wake grandma! (tee hee hee).

From the cast and music to the mish mash of plots including evil devil doctors, cyborg creations, Dr. Satan, old urban legends, new murderers playing with their victims as though they were chew toys and strange deformed degenerates…we have a cast of rabbits waiting to be skinned and served for supper. You even get a great sequel outta the whole thing. I’ve heard what people say about Devil’s Rejects being the better picture, but I’ll say that it’s simply not as fun as House of 1000 Corpses. The law doesn’t win and you get to see Sherri Zombie’s butt… just hint anyway. It’s the little things readers.

I got to see this one in the theatre back in 2003. It didn’t look anything quite like this, but if it did… I’d still have loved it.

I’m sure you’re kids will love this one too. It’s only sort of inappropriate really. Sort of… Ok, probably in appropriate on all loves (Dad’s let your kids watch it when your wives go to sleep).

-Dr. Jimmy

“This is the house… come on in!”

And in addition, without reservation "Eat your wife's PUSSY! Bwahahahaha!"

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