Friday, May 6, 2011

How To Make A Horror Host Pt.1: John Zacherle

WABC-TV adds a “Y” to your name. You’re still Zacherle or Zacherley or the Cool Ghoul. You’re the singer of songs. The hoster of horrors. You are Roland. You are Aylmer (and you get sucked like an Aylmer and eat brains like an Aylmer). You ran for president. My father remembers you and so does my grandmother.

Very few people in horror mean as much to me as John Zacherle. As with all the hosts in this series, ya’ll can look up their histories and retrospectives. I wanted to offer you what I find impressive about this man. I wanted you to know why I think he’s still the Cool Ghoul at ninety plus years old. Here’s a little picto-retro-sing along.

Nothing new here… just when you browse this gallery do so knowing that this is the guy who made me want to know more about horror hosts in general. It was Jim H., Cassandra P. and Maila N…. and John Z. More to come you cool ghouls. More indeed.
Please listen to this while you peruse the pictures below:

Maybe I’ll be Zacherle for Halloween some year. Maybe I’ll answer my door using his voice. He deserves our tribute. Meeting him brought me to tears.

Some Videos Too:

-Dr. Terror

News Flash: These come from around the internet. I don’t claim anything to them. I’m not that cool. I’m just a geeky fan boy with a degree in some sort of medicine.

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