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How the Godfather of Gore Saved Rock N' Roll (Melodrama Implied and Overstated in Standard H.G. Lewis Fashion)

Herschell Gordon Lewis... name a movie that he did that didn't influence a modern day genre favorite. Name a movie that didn't take the genre one step into a gorier place. Name one movie that didn't inspire a band... Wait what? What does that even mean? Well if you like heavy metal and death rock as much as I do you know damn well that The Misfits definitely went to the drive-in more than once. They definitely saw every H.G. Lewis picture as it came out (probably in a double feature). Well a lot of other bands did too and in the tradition of bands like The Cramps, Misfits, Roky Erickson, they all made a song in Lewis's image or at least the image of one his masterpieces.

Memory lane time: I can tell you that I was in my early teens when I first saw Blood Feast and I never looked back. That Leonard Maltin book was quite clear. He gave Blood Feast a turkey (that's the rating below 1 star or even 1/2 a star). I had to watch it. I had to know what could inspire a turkey (Pieces, I Spit On Your Grave... countless other beautiful bits of horror cinema that he Maltin can shove up his rusty colon). It's easy to get hooked on H.G.'s Crayola Red Blood and his camp gore, his imperfect actors. If you like H.G. Lewis then you know the drill and will only appreciate the movie more if it includes any one of his "stylistic" elements... let's see if the songs inspired by his movies hold that same burden of proof for us.

Without further adieu I give you The Godfather of Gore (with a documentary of the same name on the market) or rather the music inspired by his works. First I give you the trailer for each of the the H.G. Lewis inspirational films and then the song or band that was inspired by it (shares the same name as the song if no confirmation of inspiration can be found in lyrics or through other research).

"Blood Feast" - Misfits of Earth A.D.

Here's a Death Rock band who needs know introduction. One of my personal favorites although not necessarily one of my favorite Misfits song. Maybe it's because I'm a local Jersey boy myself and so were the Misfits (from Lodi). Also, My first Lewis movie. Enjoy.

Trailer for Blood Feast:

Song by the Misfits:

"Wizard of Gore"- Impetigo

This movie is being remade and getting loads of press. It was on a recent cover of Ultra Violent. I'm a fan of both songs having only recently discovered them. The Wizard of Gore will creep you out. What a great leading man.

Trailer for Wizard of Gore:

Song by Impetigo

"Wizard of Gore" - Rigor Mortis

They are the reason for this entry into the Blog of Horrors.

Thanks Metalheads Local 666 on Facebook... check 'em out: Metalheads Union 666

A truly fun way to spend a hot summer day is with a little wizardry and a whole lotta gore. Bring on the Barbeque!

Song by Rigor Mortis:

"2000 Maniacs" - Riot Squad

Classic H.G. Lewis film and a rather interesting punk/hardcore entry. It'd be hard to believe that Riot Squad didn't get the name from the movie. The number of maniacs specified is exactly the same as Mr. Lewis's number of maniacs (does that mean they have to go to the card game equivalent of 'War'?)

Trailer for Two Thousand Maniacs!

Song by Riot Squad:

"Wrongside of the Tracks" by The Blast Off Girls

Fun 60's/70's throwback garage/punk band. Definitely got the name from Mr. Lewis. Check out any number of their songs on YouTube. Has that "Chick Habit", Runaways sound that Little Steven's Underground Garage would love to groove too. Would be great to play a sample from the movie and follow it with a song by the band eh? eh? Do I see a DJ job in my future? Think again. Speaking of throwback... somebody get me a Mountain Dew.

Trailer for the Blast-Off Girls:

Band Name - Blast off Girls

"I'm Gonna Get You Yet" - Gore Gore Girls

Another band that paid an obvious nod to the Godfather of Gore. It's the perfect name. Only thing better would be to see this band playing Burlesques and Go Go clubs... strippers, poles, H.G. Lewis. Maybe they could squirt each other with large tubes of Crayola paint. Maybe. That's just a fantasy. Also, secret time, I've never been to a strip club. Ever. I think they're degrading (as if writing this blog this poorly wasn't degrading enough already).

Trailer from Gore Gore Girls:

Band Name - Gore Gore Girls:

"Color Me Blood Red" by Converge

We all like to paint. Herschell Gordon Lewis does it with blood and body parts. Converge likes to make music. They like to make music with blood and body parts. Favorite line off the album "Petitioning the Empty Sky"... "I'm bleeding. I'm bleeding like a sieve". Classic. Great song. Great movie. Great poster. A lovely part of the Blood Trilogy.

Trailer from Color Me Blood Red:

Song by Converge:

"Hallucination Generation" by The Gruesome Twosome

Not gonna lie. I do not like this song. I like their band name, but the techno industrial thing isn't working for me. I guess it's perfect for the "two turntables and a microphone" crowd though. Enjoy the low budget movie. Take or leave the band of the same name.

Trailer from The Gruesome Twosome:

Band Name - Gruesome Twosome:

"People Together at Night" - The Taste of Blood

The Godfather of Gore takes an interesting spin on the Vamp theme. If you don't think it's good, it's got a great poster. If you don't like that, you shouldn't read this blog. If you don't like the movie, you're not the only one. Give credit to the premise. While Hammer was churning out Dracula part twenty... H.G. Lewis gave you originality. For what it's worth. Good band. Nice metal. Good metal. Sit. Stay.

Trailer from A Taste of Blood:

Band Name - The Taste of Blood

"She Devils on Wheels" by the Demonics

The song is Green Day meets the Misfits (lyrically at least). The movie is as B as you like 'em. The name says it all. Personally makes me want to go watch roller derby. I have this dream of playing at a roller derby competition. Maybe I'll get the Vaudeville Vampires to cover the theme song (see bonus below).

Trailer from She-Devils on Wheels:

Song by the Demonics

Bonus: Theme song from She Devils on Wheels

That wraps it up. Let me know if you find others. I mostly stuck to his horror pictures. This is a blog of horrors after all.

Dr. Terror - spinnin' em like Regan McNeal's head.

Bonus Bonus (like Pizza Pizza by Little Ceser only you can't eat it):

Theme from Two Thousand Maniacs:

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