Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Munchies vs. RAWHEAD REX

Something occurred to me this evening as I was enjoying today's Facebook Group discussions. I was responding to a post of the Ghoulies 3 trailer (Ghoulies Go To College no less) when I thought it a good idea to bring Munchies into the discussion. You know Munchies, right? Semi-Horror comedy about perverted minature monsters. Great for the thirteen year old male witha libido but without access to late night Cinemax. So Munchies. Ghoulies. We've brought these two bad boys together before.

What we did not connect before, the dots that are in dire need of connecting, was the similarity between the creature creation of another monster. Now I wouldn't exactly call this other monster Semi-Horror. I would call it a Clive Barker classic creation whose quality suffered greatly during the oversaturation of the mid-80's horror boom. That's right. I'm talking about Rawhead Rex. Rawhead Rex: The Celtic Demon brought forth by a bolt of lightening striking a column and straight from the mind of Clive Barker in his third installment of Books of Blood. Rawhead Rex, a movie not currently available on DVD but available for over $100 on various ecommerce websites. Rawhead Rex, has boobs, will travel. Rawhead Rex... who, in the Twilight Zone, is somehow lined up with Munchies of all movies.

Let me show you because I can keep writing that there is a connection all day long. To quote L7, "The Paint Chips are Kickin' In". Here goes.

Here is a Munchie (see movie poster and trailer):

Here is a Rawhead Rex (see image of Rawhead and trailer

Do you see the resemblance? Yes it is quite possible that it is a coincidence. Rawhead Rex was released in 1986. Munchies 1987. Rawhead Rex was Rated R. Munchies G. The effects/make up teams and studios are different. Writers, directors... different. So there's nothing to tie them together.

Also interesting to note is that you can still get Munchies on DVD while Rawhead Rex, as previously stated, is out of fucking print. This has made me a little queazy. Short of piracy or paying someone a fee of extreme proportion (should be labeled blackmail) I can't show this Celtic classic to may fam on St. Patrick's Day (and since I quite drinking Horror and Corn Beef are all I've got on the green day).

So the Munchies aren't dead ringers, but they're close right? Minature Rawheads. What if they get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger (like Ghoulies 2!!!... this whole thing started with Ghoulies). So somewhere underground between Peru and Ireland you might find other monsters with disprortionate heads to bodies and with a nack for getting the shirts off of women. Distant cousins for certain. The Ghoulies... most likely half cousins twice removed and the Gremlins step syblings.

Get out your copy of Origin of the Species

-Dr. Jimmy Terror

Somebody tell Harvey Korman that we're glad he didn't stop working after Blazing Saddles.

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