Monday, July 25, 2011

Stephen King and Murry Hammond: Remember What Happens if Lorraine Baines meets Lorraine McFly? Stay Tuned.

Stephen King jumps into a time machine after getting a facelift and goes back to the mid 90's where he recognizes his lifelong dream of becoming a balladeer for a national act. He assumes the identity of a kid from Texas and goes by the name Murry Hammond. What is supposed to be a short stint turns into decades of material and fandom. Only King existed the picture quite a long time ago. The character, Hammond, became a living, breathing entity and is the beautiful man you see performing alongside Rhett Miller and the boys to this day. So that's how it might have happened...

While we're on the subject of people (or monsters) who look alike, take a gander at Murry Hammond. Murry is the bassist and vocalist for the Old 97's (alt country band extraordinaire). Murry puts up some truly inspirational music. Lyrical impeccable. His bass lines are simple two step which, played as precisely as Murry plays it, can get you dancing or bring a tear to your eye.

Check out these photos and maybe leave a comment or two. Again, both of these guys have musical experience and are great with a typewriter. Doppelganger? If so, Murry needs to make with the Deathrock quickly.


Your master of horror fiction:

Your master of alternative country rock ballads:

I bet Jordy Verril would have liked the Old 97's after a fifth or two of Vodka and OJ. I bet The Devils Pay was Upped when Stephen King's soul went up for auction.

-Dr. Jimmy Terror former Texas resident and has yet to adventure to Maine.

Please enjoy some Murry Hammond songs. What a voice. What a bass line. Either Texas is a lonely place where the railroad is the only form of transportation or Murry's one step away from Anthony Fremont in A Good Life.

Color of a Lonely Heart is Blue (Live)

Yodeling (live)

West Texas Teardrop (live)

Valentine (live)