Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tales of a Teenage Vaudeville Vampire: The Jimmy Terror Interview

I'd hate to say I made this up, but you wouldn't believe me and I did make this up.

I have never been interviewed. I think that if you were a MySpace member circa whenever MySpace was the in-thing you remember quiz after quiz about just about everything you touch, see or smell in a day. I am a born quiz taker. I had to kick myself of MySpace for that reason (although the Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors has a MySpace page because I still think its trendy). So when John Hoff III posed the opportunity to me I started looking to see which of my friends was gitty based on the emoticon placed by their status update.

To read the interview (and it's a doozy) follow the jump below. Enjoy and remember, this isn't pretense this is omnitense. Figure that out!

Playing Doctor Has Never Been Funner (sic)

-Doc Terror... I've said too much already.

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