Friday, July 8, 2011


I've seen a few too many realty based, mocumentary style, this footage is really real movies in the last couple of years. I'm not gonna say that it's necessarily the worst thing. Take just the other evening; Troll Hunter was an amazing picture. [REC]... The end inspires and terrifies me. Enter The Tunnel. Will this come up [REC] or will it come up it's American lesser half, Quarantine or worse. It certainly couldn't be the Best in Show of horror pictures (overly realistic primed with genre elements that set it above the rest).

If we go by the opening sequence, the call to the emergency center, I'd give it two opposable thumbs up. Talk about a vocal performance that will give you goose pimples and the willies at the same time. I won't say that the device, an emergency phone call, is anything original. It's what's being said and how it's being screamed that will get under your skin. Moving on.

What is the hook on The Tunnel? Mockumentary that is exploring "something fishy" in a seemingly abandoned tunnel system underneath Sydney, Australia that has been recently been under scrutiny by the media. When some internet research and news stories start to point to a juicy expose, the cameras roll ane the misadventure begins.

Somewhere in the early minutes of this one I started to get the feeling that I was re-watching Raw Meat if Raw Meat was a mocumentary instead of a dramatic retelling of a "true" event. I'm filled with every story I've ever heard about the subways of New York City having a vivacious, living, breathing underground society. I'm reminded of my own desire to break into those tunnels or the Edgewater tunnels in New Jersey or any other ghost hunt expediation involving a copy of Weird NJ magazine. Some secret part of me kept wondering if an overweight country bumpkin was going to jump out and say the words "head on a stick" in an Austrailian/Kiwi accent. So there's the "I was almost stupid enough to try this" aspect and the "I can't get Wolf Creek out of my fucking mind once I heard an accent from down under". Just being honest.

Instead I got to hear the sound of Tangles... suffering. Crunch. Squealing. Fuck. I think I'll leave it at that. I don't want to give anymore of the juicy bits away because it's kind of a slow moving picture. You'll need every piece of shock footage. Every laugh you can find. By the time you see what they're all so afraid of you'll be comparing it, lovingly, to [REC] but thinking "jump scare" in the back of you mind too. Also, if you've seen the Descent and enjoyed than this will either feel like a moderate rip off or a nice addition to the underground, claustrophobic genre. Also this movie makes a little itty bitty mistake... shows too much of... well whatever it is, they're showing too much of it. Also (yes... also again), this flick loves to test your stomach with camera shake and likes to play a little game call "Night Vision Green, Black No Light, Actual Light" Repeat.

Promoted as a free film and distributed through the internet via the file sharing system of torrents, this movie could spread like wildfire, malware or your favorite drunken cheerleaders legs (just kidding).

Torrent of The Tunnel (in honoring the distributor's apparent wishes)

Torrent 101 (in case you missed the memo)

-Dr. Terror

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