Wednesday, March 28, 2012

EXIT 101: An Indy Splatter Cinema Education

We love to see movies from independent filmmakers that leave us with a big bloody taste in our mouth. I can safely say that Exit 101 had me feeling as though I just had some minor dental surgery performed and the orthodontist accidentally scratched my brain. I assure you that's a compliment. While it suffers from some pacing issues and a some dialogue that could use fine tuning Doug Cole and Joseph Lavender have brought forth a bloody fine effort.

I like to think of this movie as a little Street Trash meets zombie with a touch of Dead Alive. What's it all about? 


Lakeshear was a quite rural town where nothing ever happened... until now. A group of college friends unknowingly uncover a hidden biochemical serum that turns anything that comes in contact with it into a mindless killer. The seven friends must figure out how to stop it before it destroy their town.

So it's not quite a zombie film and nobody's serving up Viper on tap or on the rocks. It's got a little bit of each. The biochemical serum is a beautiful shade of slime that one of the friends ingests on a dare. Wouldn't we all take that dare? Hell, I gargled gasoline during me tenure as a gas station attendant. Worse of advise: Don't take stupid dares involving putting toxic chemicals in your body unless you get more than a stick of chewing gum, a bottle of Nestea and a couple pieces of KFC to wash it down. Also note that in the event that you gargle gasoline you can get ride of the residue with a bucket of KFC. The whole thing opens up with plenty of fun imagery that almost sets the pace for this every-teen-for-themselves flick.

Then it slows down a bit. It's called plot. Sometimes it just gets in the way of films that want to be great big gore fests. Exit 101 wants to be less intellectual. It wants to be more visual and it doesn't want to have to explain itself, but it nearly dies trying. The film slows down to a crawl and up until the strange bio-zombie, bite-rape sequence (watch the movie to see if you can better explain that sequence), you're waiting for the film to end abruptly. Thank the fucking world it doesn't. It picks up the pace and gets down to being the splatter flick that nature intended. When you hit the party and everyone's dolled up, get ready for the fun to begin. Just remember, it's not always important to build a better zombie or zombie equivalent. Sometimes zombies and the like just need to rip shit up.

One of the things my readers know  that I'm big on is the consistency of the blood used in a film. Are we talking Crayola red paint or drippy drippy strawberry syrup from IHOP. This blood is bat shit red. It reminds me of the color from the posters of the original Blob. It's gooey and gets on everything. There are plenty of great opportunities to see it shed. From a fan dismemberment (every film should have one) to the torso splatter shot, the good folks behind the effects of Exit 101 deliver. We're not talking the complete Dead Alive package. You may not have a lawnmower, but you've got a chainsaw.

Exit 101 is really about growing up. It's about the trials and tribulations of being young and peer pressure and yadda yadda yadda... it's about the fucking bloody, gore goodness at the end. Exit 101 will be brought to you by Chemical Burn and it's a Chemcial Burn film that shows off the talents of some filmmakers who have the prowess to do some great things. Look for more real soon. The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie is in the funding stage. Get the money out of your piggie bank and put it to good use. Hit up their Indiegogo page HERE. We'll keep you in the know as we get the good word.

-Dr. Terror... pimping the indy scene to get my cut.


  1. Gargled Gasoline!? tsk tsk
    *your a madman:)
    I wanna check this one out now

  2. Imagine getting gasoline in your beard. It's like continuouslt huffing and very difficuly to get out.