Sunday, July 15, 2012

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK: The Battle for Sunday Bloody Sunday

During my initiation into my first Italian Week a few years ago on another site I was introduced to the writing of a very talented wordsmith who has become a wonderful friend to me. Christine Hadden's glorious blog, Fascination with Fea,r is a smooth, intelligent look at our beloved genre. Well thought out analysis of classics and new films alike. I admire her opinions and listen to her written word for guidance. But today... we're on two very different sides of the same coin.

The Fascination with Fear features a weekly column premiering on Sunday that features a pictorial offering of some of the goriest, most creatively violent scenes from our favorite films. This is Christine's invention known as Sunday Bloody Sunday. It's not just a U2 song people, and it's certainly not a movie from the early 70's; it's something to see... a spectacle of disturbing images for you to drink your morning coffee with as you get ready to scuttle out to church (you are going to church right? Thought so). Christine was amazing enough to offer me a guest spot on a previous edition of Sunday Bloody Sunday. I featured non-red blood. For those of you might be interested to check that out go HERE. I still wish I could find more stills of the images I had in my head to use for this entry, but maybe the absolute instense images should be reserved for the sequel (when Lenzi faces off against Deodato?)Here's one of my favorite Sunday Bloody Sunday editions from FWF.

Why am I telling you this beyond being in love with this concept and with her site? The Fascination with Fear and Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors have teamed up in a special Italian Horror Week spectacular. We're going to do battle using nothing but images. Think of this as if it were a comic book crossover between two separate books where the stories continues. In the FWF corner will be none other than the great Dario Argento. Christine will be selecting fifteen images to support her cause for vicious supremacy over my knight in shining leather (Italian leather), Lucio Fulci. I will choose my own fifteen images with which to do battle. Think of this as some strange edition of Pokemon. I choose you Lucio! This won't be the first time that I've pit these two vicious opponents against one another. As you may remember I chose my New Year's resolution challenge based on a vote by you, the people. Dario Argento won that battle and I continue to this day to attempt to watch all of the gialli I can get my cotton pickin' hands on.

Check out how bloody Mr. Fulci gets over here and then make sure to stop Fascination with Fear. Leave us comments. Who won? Favorite images of out of both? I tried to choose the best image from each movie as I used each movie only once to give you nice diversity. In hindsight we should have wagered on this. Winner buys the Peroni.

Sunday Bloody Sunday starts... NOW!

the black cat

house by the cemetery

manhattan baby


a cat in the brain

city of the living dead


don't torture a duckling

house of clocks

a lizard in a woman's skin

new york ripper

the beyond

touch of death

zombie 3

zombie flesh eaters

Just a note that Christine Hadden will be contributing to Italian Horror Week with a full piece on The Beyond a little later today. Make sure to visit her site and see her non-Italian offerings. 



  1. House by the Cemetery, City of the Living Dead and New York Ripper are the ace pics. I went with Argento, though. Really liked the Tenebrae and Opera images.

  2. We almost did a poll to see who would win, but I decided at the last minute that Christine Hadden already won. She knows her craft and Sunday Bloody Sunday is her beast.

  3. Gah!! Disturbing, disturbing stuff. There's just something about Fulci's violence that gets under my skin. As much as these images disgust and repel, I still can't help but stare at them.