Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK GIVEAWAY: The Cult Collectibles Replaceable Face Bobble Head!!!

It wasn’t but a few years ago that I really started getting into this whole social networking thing. At that time, I found myself seeing quite a few advertisements for a delightful set of horror and exploitation cinema related bobble head dolls. I actually still laugh at loud when I see those oversized heads on those comically small bodies, covered in blood or slime or looking like Lucio Fulci. That’s right. We are giving away a beautiful novelty gift in the form of a “Weird Wobbler” Bobble head Style Figure from Lucio Fulci’s the Beyond courtesy of Cult Collectibles WWW.CULTCOLLECTIBLES.COM ITALIAN HORROR WEEK continues with novelty goods the likes of which your mama never intended.

“From Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece of horror comes the world’s first bobble head with a removable alternate face! Do you dare own it?”

This has come into a being due to yet another company of which I am a huge fan, Grindhouse Releasing, includes free soundtrack CD and deluxe full color “Book of Eibon” packaging. This is a fun prize. It will go perfect on the dashboard of your car (check your state laws for obstruction regulations) or your desk at work (no one will ask you for a raise again and conversely you will ALWAYS get the raise).

First off, stop by the FaceBook page over at CultCollectibles and give it a “like”. Make sure you stop by their site too and see what they’ve got in the way of other bobble head figures and collectible goods. You will laugh. You will be entertained. I still give up a few chuckles every time a visit their site. Second, you have to take a listen to this sound clip below and tell me where it comes from. Include as much info as you can about where it comes from (if we like your response we’ll publish it when we announce you as the winner). The details could win this one. Send the response to . Label the subject CULT COLLECTIBLES MADE ME LOSE MY FACE and include the source of this clip and what you’d like to tell me about it. Hell, make it personal. I love a good sob or make-out with my girlfriend story. Tee hee hee. Now make sure to include your name and your address so I can ship it out to the winner promptly. Oh and if you want to stop by and "like" Dr. Terror's Blog of Horrors on FaceBook, we'd love to have you along for the ride. 

Here’s the clip:

Now get cracking.  Make sure to keep your eyes out for the Cult Collectibles advertisements in your print mag of choice and support good horror merch. Enjoy the Cat in the Brain bobble head or even the Demons bobble head. After all, it is Italian Horror Week. We’ll announce the winner Friday July 20th so don’t delay.

-Dr. Terror


  1. Check out the video in the Vincenzo Tomassi article.... then email me per above.