Friday, November 9, 2012

Dark Night of the Scarecrow on Blu-ray: A Must Own

I reviewed Dark Night of the Scarecrow for the first time this year after I picked up the recently released DVD copy post Monster Mania last March. It was actually my first time enjoying the movie and understanding just why people would print T-Shirts and demand this feature, constantly reference it in their own reviews and pretty much was for quite some time the shining example of just what wasn't working in the DVD/Blu-ray marketing of horror movies classics. Sure there are countless movies that hadn't made it to DVD much less Blu-ray but Dark Night of the Scarecrow was "on the list" along with features like The Town that Dreaded Sundown (Scream Factory, you make us proud), Terrorvision (Scream Factory again), Video Dead (fuckin' A Scream Factory). Makes you wonder what else we'll see in the next few years. Maybe we can finally get that Three on a Meathook we've been aching for. Maybe.

Well this one isn't Scream Factory. It's VCI putting out both the DVD and Blu-ray and while you may argue that older movies don't necessarily need a Blu-ray release and that a DVD release will suffice, you'll be happy to know that you can stop being a quality inspector for "we whine all the time" club of collectors that can't seem to realize that some of us just want a nice print with great audio and some specially special features to make us feel like someone cupped the balls.  That's exactly what you'll see in the Blu-ray release.

(From the CBS TV Spot)

Features include a nice documentary, Q&A, some promo footage, commentary from the writer and director (no Larry Drake kiddies) and 5.1 surround. If you're VHS tape is screaming through the heads of your VCR aching for a rest. If that copy you taped off the boobtube doesn't quite have the quality you deserve... here's your chance to own a gem at a reasonable price with all the trimmings one could want sans a stand up scarecrow cut out. Not sold on the Blu-ray phenonmenon? Go pick up the DVD (links to both below).

Pick it up on Blu-ray disc HERE or DVD HERE (get with the program fellas).

For more VCI titles you can hop over and check out their website HERE.

It's the 30 year Anniversary Edition which will at least have you asking yourself how you got so old so fast.


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