Friday, November 16, 2012

Psychomania (DVD Review): Bring Out the Death Wheelers

There’s not much more to say about a great film like Psychomania. It is just about the most perfect genre crossover flick ever made. From motorcycle gang to horror flick in less than a few cells, Death Wheelers (the alternate title for Psychomania) has made audiences laugh for nearly forty years. It’s not really a scare picture. It comes out of the post-hippie films of the 60’s and arrives as it’s own look back at demonic forces meeting the forces of Sir Isaac Newton. Up until this last year I had only heard the name tossed around casually in conversation of horror. It doesn’t seem to wow people as other movies that popped during the early 70’s riding the coattails of Night of the Living Dead and other zombie fiction. Maybe it loses out to having such excellent company more often then not. Amicus released Tales from the Crypt in 72. It’s got the star power to attract any sort of movie goer in George Sanders of Village of the Damned  fame and Nick Henson who appeared in Witchfinder General of all amazing pictures.  You tell me why the camp to comedy to killer classic doesn’t astound and amaze more audiences.

First, tell me that you don’t love this music:

You love it right? You wanna break out your good ol’ guitar and jam along. Well in the Severin release distributed the CAV Releasing you can sit down with the musician behind the music and get a lesson in its composition. Wanna know what the actors are up to today? Well, there’s a making of documentary that spends quite a bit of quality time with the cast. Chris Alexander, editor of Fangoria, even sits down to deliver an introduction to the film from the perspective of a heart warmed fan and not simply as a journalist.

Severin is known for putting out quality versions of older films and Psychomania is no exception. You can pick it up HERE. Stop by the Severin website HERE and visit with CAV Distributing to see the full catalog of movies they’ve been birthing into the world as of late.

Fans of the movie, this edition will not disappoint. Put your poorly transferred VHS copy on notice (Psychomania is notorious for having been flooded into the market on the cheap with no care as to its preservation). This restoration comes from the only uncut 35mm print in existence. It’s the version you’re going to want.

Keep your enchanted, hellspawn frogs to yourself.


Some come back. 


  1. All anyone needs to know about this movie is that a guy explodes out of his grave riding a motorcycle. Best dead rising scene I'd seen in a long long time.

  2. This movie has so many great lines. Everybody dies. But some come back. I'm a fool for this movie. Worst part is that I've never even been on a motorcycle.