Monday, March 25, 2013


Ever notice how Tobe Hooper likes to put lots of creepy things in kids' rooms to play with? Everything from models of cemeteries to creepy clowns to horrific posters of Frankenstein's monster coming to life. You know that Hooper's one of us and by us I mean a true monster kiddie. Bet he sat reading the latest issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland when he could pick it up hot off the presses. Probably an EC Comic fanatic as well. Between Salem's Lot and The Funhouse we have a pretty good idea of what Hooper's room looked like when he was growing up or at least what he would have liked it to look like. Well, we're not here to discuss Salem's Lot today. Scream Factory didn't release that one though I would love to see the extras on a release like that. The Funhouse however is an amazing release from SF complete with special features, brilliant (ALIVE) transfer and all the love a horror kid could want.

It's no secret that growing up there was a short list of movies I wasn't allowed to watch. I wrote a piece on it for Father's Day a year or so ago. The Funhouse was on that list along with Last House on the Left and Mark of the Devil. I didn't get to grow up loving The Funhouse but God fucking damn it all to Hell I should have. It's a monster movie, and if you don't like that it's a slasher movie and if you're still not convinced of it's shriek shock horror imbibing menace than it's a creepy carnival film. With beautiful gorgeous Stanzi boobies (you know her by the name Elizabeth Berridge and would also know her from Amadeus). The kills are tremendous and the end is suspenseful but captures everything from Frankenstein to Michael Myers in one tight package with a practical make up and effects that Avatar would suck dick in a 42nd St theater to obtain.

The Scream Factory release is colorful. Brilliant rainbow carnival blood and murder with neon presence and cotton candy nightmares. The red pop. The blues drown you. I don't know how a movie can look this great. The last one that had me licking the TV was The Fury only just recently. Fans of pretty colors and rainbows should definitely love what their about to watch.

The special features include deleted scenes from the TV release. These are the scenes that were used to add time back to the release in order to cut out certain questionable material. Seeing as that's how I had watched it most of my life until I put on my big boy pants and grew some pubes, the effect is mostly nostalgic. There are several interview tracks that are well worth your enjoyment especially an interview with the wellspoken actor who played the carnival barker. I expected him to be on a continuous loop saying, "ALIVE ALIVE ALIVE" the entire interview but I was spared.

You can pick it up at DiabolkDVD HERE (supporting the little guy is important). Also make sure to "like" Scream Factory over on FaceBook and follow their releases. You can also stop by their website HERE to peruse more titles and get acquainted with their product line and upcoming releases of which there are many. Save your pennies. Start a swear jar. Start a masturbation jar.


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