Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Drone of the Blues: Baby Blues Score Worth Checking Out


Thought I'd share something with everyone that just popped in my inbox from Michael Filimowicz, composer for the horror film, Baby Blues. While I cannot speak to the merits of the film, I have enjoyed the clips and the score. For those of you looking for something new to check out that's moderately progressive with dark overtones and good to write to, visit Michael's music site over at Elektrocaustic HERE.

Check out a sample here:

From Elektrocaustic:

Baby Blues, also known in some countries as Cradle Will Fall, is an independent horror film by the same executive producer as Better Off Dead, Fried Green Tomatoes and Breakfast Club, believe it or not. The film breaks new ground in the horror genre (which itself is a feat) by exploring psychosis in a female protagonist brought on by postpartum depression. I joined the project as sound designer and composer when I was living in Savannah, Georgia (the film was shot on a farm just outside of town). The original score is very electroacoustic, "droney," replete with high frequency samples and, I'll admit it, full of plenty of "be scared now" atmos. This is also my top selling album in the various online distribution channels, so it's worth promoting. If you like electronic music that isn't necessarily groove-based in the electronica vein, check out my other CDs. My albums are available on iTunes, Amazon, Napster/Rhapsody, Spotify, eMusic and many other outlets.

Enjoy Drone fans...


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