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DiabolikDVD is my favorite place to buy media hands down. Blu-rays, DVD’s, VHS of all genres, any region, format, shape and cup size. I have learned more by watching the movies I have purchased from DiabolikDVD than from at least 80% of my high school career and if you think I’m joking we can take a digital tour of my formative years at a later date. This Italian Horror Week and not some 60 Minutes episode on the life and times of Dr. TERROR.  Since it’s Italian Horror Week, our friends at DiabolikDVD have been gracious enough to offer a giveaway. Actually, two separate giveaways. One for the Region impaired and one for those who have experienced REGION FREEDOM. I assure you these are prizes you are going to enjoy.

Here’s what you’ll get (click the links for details on each movie):


These are some classic movies from some of the best in the biz. Fulci, Martino and Argento. Instant starter kit for obscure Italian collection.


These are absolute gems, collectible and completely off the chain. Hardboxers need apply.

Now there’s no need to worry about leaving your Mountain Dew lined hidey hole in the middle of your mama’s basement. You can complete the task at hand from your very own computer. First off, make sure that you go and “like” the Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors Facebook page HERE and the Diabolik DVD FaceBook Page HERE. This is how you’ll keep updated about all the goings on at both Diabolik DVD and Dr. Terror’s Blog of Horrors. This will be a requirement of entering. While you’re at it follow this blog (not a requirement of winning but we’d love for you to catch what we’ll be dishing out over the next week). MOST IMPORTANTLY: I want you to experience firsthand just how amazing this catalog is, so all of the items you’re going to need to find will be on the Diabolik DVD website. You will simply follow the clues below to obtain the item names exactly as they appear include any details about the release i.e. (Synapse) (PAL).

The clues will be questions regarding products that you will find on their website or a picture of part of the item. Once you’ve located the items on the list below, keep a list and make sure to record the full name as it appears on Diabolik’s website and then send them to your good ol’ pal Dr. Terror using the subject heading DIABOLIK DVD FOR PRESIDENT along with your name and address to I’ll tally your score. The top score is the winner. In the event of a tie we will enter the individuals with the same score into a random drawing for the top prize, and you will be notified via email on Friday July 19th.Please remember to include your name and mailing address and which prize you would like to receive: REGION IMPAIRED or REGION FREEDOM.

Here are your clues:

1. If you like your movies naughty this one will strike a chord. F/X man turned Director. Talk about re-purposing an iconic movie cover but this isn't a parody. You might enjoy some Camper Van Beethoven with your purchase.

2. Welcome to the trailers of your Mylar fetish. Get your bikini’s on. The fur ones of course. You don’t have to be tech savvy to enjoy this one.

3. From the company that restores films and prevents the spoilage of great vino with their name comes this tale of gang warfare.

4. If the Devil is 666 and God is 777, then this one must be Shot On Video in man’s image. Make sure to wear your raincoat for this gore fest.

5. Who needs a plastic surgeon when you’re just taking a woman’s skin? This is a B.L. release. Before Lina. What’s a Tonfilm?

6. Means 9 months of trouble, for the first time on DVD. Accompanied by one Animal Hembra.

7. If you’re waiting for the rain, you might not get to see this movie unless you have a Pee Wee Herman Bag with a plastic rubber thumb inside. Scored by the legend. Starring Krug.

8. The director has a four letter first name and a four letter last name. This is a Blu-ray. One of my favorite Italian film and has a couple names that will have you thinking sequel to an iconic American exploitation film from the man who nailed Bill Pullman’s balls to a chair.

9. Lost classic film. Gonzo film with a gonzo name. You don’t have to go to the Gaza Strip to find free love.

10. Well known Italian Director made this animal picture. I assure you that Robert Forster ISN’T in it.


Bonus Hint: This isn’t Lou Reed.




I wish you the best of luck in this endeavor although I do not envy the task you have before you. Stay tuned for other give ways, how to win the swag you deserve and make sure you pay attention to all the crazy happening during Italian Horror Week. During the week, if a movie is available on the Diabolik website we’ll make sure to include a link to that item either within the article or at the bottom of the article. If you’ve been putting off seeing that Italian Horror classic now is the time to get your shit together and order from the horror community. We have some articles that will blow out your brains, some that will eat your heart out and others that will make your years bleed. Special thanks to Diabolik DVD for allowing us to offer this amazing prize to the horror-verse.  Remember shop smart. Shop… um…. WWW.DIABOLIKDVD.COM and if you see these guys at your favorite horror convention make sure you stop by, browse their table and thank them for being a part of what’s right about horror. Tell ‘em lil ol’ me sent ya.

Make sure to share this giveaway with the folks that would benefit from it the most.


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