Monday, July 29, 2013

FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY (2013) - When Effects Guys Attack

This ain't They Saved Hitler's Brain. You get an impression from a trailer. You say, "Hey, I really wanna see that movie because X". X is usually something that appeals to the viewer. Could be effects or storyline, plot, naked people, something. I think it's obvious that Frankenstein's Army's trailer wanted us to focus on the special effects, makeup and creature design which means that's what I'm going to look for when I finally get to see it. Richard Raaphorst's picture lives up to the trailer, and you have something you probably need to watch sooner rather than later. There's really nothing to spoil, but there's plenty to see. A completely visual horror movie that tests your imagination. Remember the Nazi werewolf soldier's from An American Werewolf in London? Well you haven't seen shit, Jack!

Basic story... There's a Nazi lab. The Russians are closing in and uncover it. Who ya gonna call? Dr. Frankenstein! ... and his army. You know, like what the trailer showed you.

It's a found footage style feature. I didn't expect that, but it ends up working really great and builds tension, but doesn't take cheap stabs at scares. In fact, Frankenstein's Army isn't a scare picture; it's more of a shock and gore flick. Excellent creature design with the director assisting in all aspects of the film to create a truly new breed of horror, steampunk monster movie. It's got the gore you want, and a freshness that fans have been clamouring for without falling into the torture porn trap that might alienate fans or taking the easy route of CGI'ing the whole thing. Practical effects for practical horror fans.

The best way to give horror fans a fun time in front of the boob tube is to throw a mad scientist at them. Make some monsters. Show them destroy shit. Add blood and gore but maybe in a sorta campy, kinda funny way but still enough to make you uneasy and you'll have fun, right? This movie is fun! At first I was afraid of the found footage style because it's abused. It was fine and almost unnoticeable save for a few moments where the camera was too shaky. It fits the narrative and tells a story. The movie's under 90 minutes, so you can't even say you "wasted your time" with it. Frankenstein's Army gets to the point, delivers and then punches it home.

Available on VOD now, and worth every penny especially for effects guys who like to see what the new guy's doing.


NOTE: In case you have no idea what They Saved Hitler's Brain is enjoy this clip and stop saying that you've seen everything.

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  1. Forget THEY SAVED HITLER'S BRAIN. The original version, THE MADMEN OF MANDORAS is way, way better.

    It starts out as what you think is a Cold War spy movie and then goes batshit. Oh yeah, it also helped create one of FUTURAMA's best running gags.

    As for FRANKENSTEIN'S ARMY, I'm waiting for the DVD. It's a must-own for me!