Friday, July 12, 2013


Have you stopped by House of Mysterious Secrets lately? Have you stopped by there at all? I want you to understand that House of Mysterious Secrets is THE horror novelty shop for people who love horror by a great guy who loves horror. Fan tested. Fan approved. Fan supported. You’ll find everything from T-Shirts to magazines, buttons to CD’s. Obscure poster prints and horror toys and vinyl and fuck a lot of everything! So the first thing you should do (maybe even before reading the rest of this giveaway) is to go over to their site. Become familiar with it. See what tickles your pickle (and yes, everybody has a pickle) and make sure to take note of any Italian Horror, Grindhouse or Exploitation merch you may see. It will aid you in your quest to a win a $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE/CARD  from House of Mysterious Secrets.

Let’s get into the gritty and the nitty and the shitty of the thing. First off, you’re going to be doing a Scavenger Hunt through the House of Mysterious Secrets website. You’ll need to find items based on descriptions or images you see below. Most correct answer wins the $25 giveaway. Random drawing of the high scorers if a tie. Try hard. Win big. Start your engines.

You’ll need to submit your list with item name copied from the name given by House of Mysterious Secrets to, Subject Line: House of Mysterious Awesome, give me your name, address and random genital shots (if you have genitals).  You’re going to have to like House ofMysterious Secrets on Facebook and please stop by Dr. Terror’s Blog of HorrorsFacebook page and give us a like as well. We will notify the winner at the end of Italian Horror Week via email.

We thank House of Mysterious for this opportunity to partner for this fan giveaway and hope you’ll shop their in the future. Support independent horror business. Kevin Miller is a fan of Italian Horror. You’re a fan of Italian Horror. This should work out well.

Here are your hints. Good luck. Try not to go insane figuring out what’s what, and thank you for playing.

1. Your name is Angela Baker. When you drop your pants, you're a t-shirt.

2. Billie won’t be forcing you to wear your balls for earrings, but you might consider these a stylish alternative.

3. This isn’t the 3-D one, but this poster sure looks like it was intended to be 3-D. Done in the style of movie theaters from the 70’s on 42nd Street.

4. I wrote my first Italian Week post about this popular movie. Think Big Box, Mr. Fuller. It’s magnetic.

5. This is one of the most iconic masks ever created. It also happens to be the one that started it all so named for the man who originally wore it.

Make sure to check out their trailers/commercials. I friggin' love this compnay.



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