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A year ago during Italian Horror Week, Thomas Bryce of Shit Movie Fest wrote up Italian Splatterfest at the Colonial Theater in Phoenixville, PA. He and I hung out in the balcony joined by several friends and got to experience everything from Grim Reaper (Anthropophagus but cut to ribbons), City of the Walking Dead (a personal favorite 35mm experience and Italian Horror film for me), Screamers aka Island of the Fishmen (with plenty of laughs to go around), Nightmare in a Damaged Brain (or as everyone calls it, Nightmare but I like the “damaged brain” part) and SHOCK! Aka Beyond the Door II (my first time watching this film that I REMEMBER watching it). That’s 5 movies plus an abundance of trailer reels and good company in a classic theater.

This year, Italian Splatterfest II falls a bit later and not in time for a full recap during Italian Horror Week. August 31st at the Colonial, the same crew that brought you Italian Splatterfest I will be brining you another five movies of sheer Italian bravado! Let’s run ‘em down, get you excited and prep you for what you might have in store.

(Descriptions  are from the promoters)

Killer Fish 1979 – 101 min – aka Deadly Treasure of the Piranha What do you get when you take one part heist caper, two parts horrific gore, throw in ample dashes of Jaws and crime films, then cast Lee Majors? Why Killer Fish of course! This is the Ocean’s Eleven of cheaply made Italian horror films. Danger below! Disaster above! And death defying survival every second!

Note from TERROR: I haven’t seen this movie. The poster and trailer are brilliant. Obviously this is going to be the best movie of the night… until the next movie.

Deep Red 1975 – 126 min – aka ADripping Deep Red, Profoundly Red, The Hatchet Murders The most famous and arguably the best giallo film of all time, Dario Argento’s Deep Red is an unforgettable journey of disturbed paranoia and profound violence. Masterpiece is a cheaply brandied about term in our modern times but make no mistake, Deep Red earns this praise. If the haunting melodies don’t chill you, the terrifying automaton will!

Note from TERROR: I have always loved them music and imagery from Deep Red, however it is not my favorite Argento movie. That honor goes to Bird With the Crystal Plumage or Creepers (yes I call it Creepers). The big screen is perfect for this one. I can feel it.

Women’s Prison Massacre 1983 – 89 min – aka Blade Violent, Emanuelle Escapes from Hell Lust is locked in mortal combat with vicious brutality in this sleazy, vengeance-fest. With flesh to spare and a generous helping of over the top, almost cartoonish violence, Women’s Prison Massacre compels you to look away while daring you not to! You’ll need to take a shower after this film is through (we suggest you bring baby wipes).

Note from TERROR: Women in prison movies always make me laugh. The crowd response is usually good and I haven’t seen this classic yet. I’ve enjoyed most other Emanuelle flicks, so this should be bitchin’.

Burial Ground 1981 – 85 min – aka Zombie 3, The Nights of Terror Burial Ground is not a film; it is a life changing experience. Perspectives are forever altered by madness that is unlife through the lens of director Andrea Bianchi. You will marvel as a thirty year old dwarf plays a twelve year old boy with an Oedipus complex. This cult classic is the kind of movie that you introduce friends to, placing them forever in your debt. You will never forget your first time with Burial Ground.

Note from TERROR: I didn’t enjoy Burial Ground the first time I watched it which surprised me. I full expected it to overtake me. The cover/poster alone has stuck with me for years. It turns out the concept wows me more than the film itself. Sure I laugh at the Peter Barker bites a boobie scene, but I feel like this is the way to truly watch it. Bring your rubber baby nipples to throw at your friends (or maybe that’s not a good idea).

The Gates of Hell 1980 – 93 min – aka City of the Living Dead If there’s one thing Lucio Fulci is undisputedly a master of, it’s the zombie flick. He crafted a number of unnerving, grotesque love letters to gore loving zombie aficionados. Featuring a number of inventive and shockingly brutal kills, The Gates of Hell never flinches or looks away, reveling in the awesome mess as it splashes across the screen.

Note from TERROR: I have always wanted to see this on the big screen. It eludes me constantly. I even believe that by its inclusion in this night of horror that somehow it will curse me actually attending the show. Stay tuned fearless readers.

Thomas Bryce told me that the popcorn at the Colonial was good, and he’s right. It’s damn good. You can sit in a balcony in the theater where the original Blob was shot and watch scary movies. You can even take a picture or touch the “place where the Blob came through”. You can bring a date, make out in the back row and NO ONE WILL KNOW. You can also get some Italian culture, enjoy lovely downtown Phoenixville and make some of the best friends you’d like to meet. 35mm people can smell their own.

I love this event so much that I’ll be driving up that morning from the Outerbanks in NC to NJ to drop off my family after a vacation only to drive two additional hours to Phoenixville to enjoy hours upon hours of horror only to drive back at 3am, not getting home until 5 am and crying when I can’t get some rest the next day. It’s worth it. Deep Red on the big screen? Worth it. Burial Ground? Worth it. The Gates of Hell? A movie that has evaded me on the big screen at every turn including several 35mm screenings and a drive-in movie screening… you will enter my eyes!


Tickets Adults: $20

Seniors and Students: $15

Members and Children 13 and under: $10 (I imagine children may not be allowed to attend this one)
General admission seating.

Ticket prices do not include the $1.00 per ticket Service Fee. These fees will be calculated at check out. Tickets available with cash, check or credit card at the Colonial Theatre Box Office, or online. Just click on the “Buy Tickets” link at the upper right of any page of our website to buy your tickets online. No free passes accepted for this performance.

Make sure to stop by the Colonial Theater’s event page and view the event yourself if you have any questions and give them a “like” on Facebook.

Make sure you check out the First Friday Night film series put on by the same folks. Features some amazing titles, and special events. They did a friggin’ Prom for Prom Night!

Also note that as of posting, we do not have any new flyers or poster art so we used last year's awesome artwork.Special thanks to Nick Lombardo and the rest of the folks responsible for this amazing event.


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