Friday, July 12, 2013

ITALIAN HORROR WEEK - Netflix Instant Watch Italian Horror Movie Marathon 2013: BAVA-THON

Guest Post from the Horror Nerd himself, Austin Green.

Ok folks, it's time to board up the windows, grab your friends and flashlights, turn off the lights, and spend the night watching an ALL BAVA ALL THE TIME Netflix Instant Watch marathon!

Italian Horror on Netflix Instant Watch has taken a bit of a hit since last year (, but what it lacks in quantity, it more than makes up for in quality.

Not in the mood for an all-night fest? I suggest a Bava double feature of Black Sunday and Bay of Blood:

Black Sunday

Two centuries after her execution, condemned witch Princess Asa returns from the dead to wreak vengeance on her killer's family by possessing the body of a descendant who looks just like her.

Bay of Blood

When a man murders his heiress wife, her relatives set out to narrow the field of inheritors by going on a killing spree. But when college kids take over an abandoned house on the property to hold a party, the body count really begins to soar.

If you're still looking to keep the Bava-thon going, check out the trailers below and pick and choose how you want to finish the night. All are worth watching!

The House of Exorcism

After seeing the devil in an ancient Spanish fresco, comely tourist Lisa Reiner meets him in the flesh. Satan soon takes over her soul and drives her into the hospital, where American priest Father Michael does his best to exorcise the demon.

Read more about this cut here ( This movie is insane, and I'd recommend this version over Lisa and the Devil (also on Netflix Instant Watch). It's more fun.

Kill, Baby... Kill!

Suspicious deaths turn a peaceful Italian village upside down -- especially when residents learn that gold coins have been embedded in all the victims' hearts. The coroner discovers that the villagers are convinced a vengeful ghost is responsible.

Baron Blood

In search of his roots, American student Peter Kleist visits the Austrian castle of an ancestor. But some family histories are better left unknown, as Peter discovers when he resurrects the castle's former occupant, a sadistic 16th-century nobleman.

Still reading? Good. I've saved a personal favorite for last:

Kidnapped (aka Rabid Dogs)

In the wake of a horribly bungled robbery, desperate thieves in need of a clean getaway kidnap a group of hostages and drag them along for the ride.

Originally filmed in 1974, but not released until 1998 is Bava's Rabid Dogs. The version on Netflix is from a 2007 DVD re-release, where it was edited and renamed Kidnapped. It's less of a horror movie, more of a thriller, but still definitely worth your time, and would be the perfect closer for an all night Bava Marathon.


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  1. Lamberto Bava is coming to Twisted Fears Horror Convention in Atlanta Ga Sept 27, 28, 29!!! I can't wait....

    1. Met Lamberto Bava at Chiller Theater a few years back. Nicest guy. That convention sounds great. Best of luck.