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QUAD-FEATURE REVIEW: Double Up on the Drive-In Collections from Vinegar Syndrome

As of late we've been posting quite a few reviews of the Vinegar Syndrome, most specifically their Blu-ray/DVD combo offerings. These are gorgeous transfers of films that are obscure but historic and carry a significance above and beyond a quick, package job. Their Blu-rays aren't chock full to Criterion levels, but they're trying real hard. Vinegar Syndrome also puts out a number of double feature discs under the subtitle, Drive-In Collection. Unlike their hi-fidelity, super res counterparts, these discs are ... well.. low brow? Some companies refer to the double features as drive-in or grindhouse, but Vinegar Syndrome assigns this name with pride and guarantees an experience unlike any other you may have had this side of your adult novelty boutique.

Today we're giving you a double feature of double features or, a quad feature. That will be two separate looks at two separate sets. Each "set" comes on one disc, no frills or interviews or mumbo jumbo. Just the "reels" in place of chapters and content that will either spark your dimming libido or have yourself scrambling for a razor and some shave gel. If you don't understand that you will. If you're looking for a marital aid and are "ever so retro", read on and maybe skip to the end and just buy 'em.


The thing you love about V.S. is that they are trying to preserve film. That will include schlock or shit or garbage or anything with merit or a lack of merit that might be construed as merit or, in the case of this double feature, pornography. I had to struggle with whether or not to review these one after watching them. Not because I am ashamed that I adore porn of this period, but because typically, DOCTERROR don't do porn. Plenty of X rated features, but both of these films have an abundance of full on, hardcore penetrations complete with pubic hair that will have you running to Home Depot to purchase your first machete (and it isn't even Friday the 13th). Truth is I love porn. Mostly 80's and back, but plenty of modern stuff has come about recently of merit.  I'm tackling all the Vinegar Syndrome releases I can get my hands on. It's good to expand your horizons, and I can honestly say that I've grown from enjoying their catalog.  LET THEM EAT PORN!



This particular disc deals with two preserved films of Anthony Spinelli. Spinelli's porn classic Nothing to Hide is listed on the AVN's top adult films of all time at number 2 and based on Of Mice and Men. I guess you don't need to be Tommy Pistol to take a classic piece of genre fiction and adapt it to fit your boner. In this release you get Expectations and Confessions.

Synopsis from the Vinegar Syndrome:

Expectations - Two women, one a wealthy socialite and the other a swinger, decide to swap lives. However as the novelty wears off, they become slaves to each other's misery. 

Confessions - A bored, upscale housewife decides to dabble in the world of anonymous sex and prostitution, but quickly learns the unfortunate reality of such a lifestyle.

So there's a plot. That's why you love 70's puerno. Actual stories that try to fill in the gaps between shtupping. It's effective, holding my attention for nearly the entire run time and even causing me to occasionally remove my had from my lap to place it on my chin to say "hmmmm". All joking aside, if you're a fan of 70's pornographic film you couldn't ask for a better couple of movies to get you off... or whatever it is when you do when you watching adult film.

2k archival prints from 35mm, the jungle bush you love and actual production value with scenes shot on FILM. Pick it up. It's a steal! Now on to our second double feature...


Unbeknownst to me this is ANOTHER porno double feature. The beauty there is that I didn't know it until it was already inside my player. Good thing the kiddies weren't around. Guess this should reinforce the all important art of reading the back of the fucking box. Of the two sets, this was my favorite pairing. Definitely a little more camp with a glaring humor and while it may touch on the seedy underbelly of the industry or sex culture during or before this time period, director Bill Milling obviously wanted to entertain people, tell a few jokes and watch you get uncomfortable spreading your... wallet open at the ticket booth and leaving with your hate over your lap.



Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

The Vixens of Kung-Fu - After being brutally assaulted by a group of men, a young prostitute is taken in by a secret sect of beautiful kung-fu masters, who teach her about the erotic side of martial arts

Oriental Blue - Madam Blue runs an underground white slave trade operation in an apartment beneath a Chinese restaurant. Her evil henchmen kidnap nubile women off the city streets and subject them to the most unspeakable acts of pleasure.

"Unspeakable acts of pleasure"... you know, that's something a guy could get used to. I assure you that for as serious as both of these descriptions take themselves, this is a good time kind of smut. You think that Vixens is going to be this bad-ass Ms. 45, I Spit on Your Grave rape/revenge flick? Fuck no. Sure there's an "attack scene" but right after that you might as well be at a nudist colony demo day for the local martial art school out to recruit new members at the Cobra Kai dick-jo. Oriental Blue is one long string of tissue dumpers. An excellent assembly of good time, old fashion boot knocking with uglies a-bumping and pleasure (that we SHALL NOT SPEAK OF).

Let's say you've ONLY got about $20 to spend and you need to pick up a Vinegar Syndrome release... go with the second one. Vixens/Oriental. You can even check out Milling's other classic Caged Fury from the 80's. Plenty of quality in his repertoire and Milling's seems to be a feel good porn kind of guy.

You can pick up both of these bone thumpers at 

You absolutely must stop by the Vinegar Syndrome website HERE to enjoy their complete catalog. I haven't found one yet that I'm not ecstatic to own.

Let me re-inforce one more time... these are adult, X rated movies with dicks going into vaginas. Use that info as you will. Far be it for me to deny anyone their rocks.


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