Tuesday, July 23, 2013

X-Ray and Schizoid Double Feature (Scream Factory)

We've got two reviews for the price of one tonight. A double feature review for a double feature Blu-ray disc from Scream Factory that is perfect for fans of early 80's slasher flicks that may be on the more obscure side. While each of these features would have been late night cable offerings or maybe even dollar bin rentals, they've come along way. They've come to Blu-ray, and you're going to love what Blu-ray has done to them.

Let's start with X-Ray (both features appear on one disc).

X-Ray aka Hospital Massacre feels like it rides the coat tails of Halloween II straight into the slasher ward. Start with a childhood crush turned murder (hilarious murder I may add) then add in a routine check up visit to the local hospital that takes a turn for murder. Someone's stalking the corridors, and it ain't Michael Myers and Barbi Benton ain't no Laurie Strode (but we'll enjoy every angle we can get of her anyway). 

It's a slash' em up flick. That means if you see a non-essential, non-narrative based character you're pretty much waiting for the scalpel to fall. There's plenty of askew blood splatter that hits at strange angles as if shot back from a turkey baster straight at the killer. The effect? Laughable, but that makes it a great movie to enjoy in the company of folks who don't like to be scared, but like to have a good time watching a horror flick. Pepper in some extra melodrama, a plot twist so obvious you may have thought you had seen a commercial for it on daytime TV and beautiful red Crayola blood, and you can either laugh your way to the credits or try to study it for the "period piece" that it truly is.

Trailer not from the Scream Factory release

What does Scream Factory bring to the table beside a quality transfer? An interview with Boaz Davidson. I don't think you'd really expect a whole lot more from a release this obscure especially on a double feature disc with a movie that might be considered even more obscure had it not been for the presence of one Christopher Lloyd (more on that shortly). X-Ray probably isn't a movie that needs a whole bunch of making of features to enjoy it.

Now onto Schizoid (both of these are Cannon Group releases originally which probably gave some Tape Head a boner just now).

Schizoid is a bit dull, but as a companion movie to X-Ray that's over the top,slash and stalk fun, this is a slower burn. Plenty of suspense I suppose and of course a rather standard performance from Klaus Kinski (veteran horror awesome face).  The story is a murder mystery that plays like a slasher or Giallo. It's a who done it until the end, and I'm not entirely sure you'll see this one coming in juxtaposition to our earlier film where you see it coming from the credit sequence.  Schizoid follows a columnist from newsroom to therapy group, her friends being murdered and no one is quite sure who's behind the sharp object. 

Trailer not from the Scream Factory release

While I say that Schizoid is a bit dull, what I really mean to say is that it is a slow burner. You have to wait for the pay off and you'll be forced to rely on Klaus Kinski's good looks until you get the end sequence, plot twist and super duper high energy climax. I assure you it's worth it. Someone had to get hurt (and when you watch the special feature interview with Donna Wilkes you'll find out who). 

If you need a reason to watch Schizoid and the ode to Giallo cover doesn't catch your eye (no J&B inside I'm afraid), then I offer you two reasons... 1. It's not to see Donna Wilkes in something that isn't Jaws 2. 2. Christopher Lloyd doesn't have white hair, a radiation suit or a car that does 88 MPH. Maybe you really wanna see what Craig Wasson was in before he battled Fred Kruger in a junkyard at the end of the Nightmare 3... you won't be disappointed. He was my favorite part of the hole damn thing. 

Both of these discs are great quality, great sound... in short. Scream Factory discs with Scream Factory quality and a release that fits within the rest of their line up well. 

You can pick them up/pre-order them through DiabolikDVD HERE and stop by to see the full line up of Scream Factory discs HERE.


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