Thursday, September 5, 2013

.​.​.​and out Come the Bats (Music Review) - Save the Creatures of the Night!

Okay Electro Heads, you folks wanna know about something that's pretty damn cool, eclectic and can help balance your horror karma. Let's say you trolled some blogger or maybe you trashed a remake before you saw it. I have a cause that's worth donating to, that's fun and danceable. Available now for digital download as a fundraising effort from Graveyard Calling is "... and out Come the Bats", an album dedicated to helping creatures of the night... your friendly neighboorhood bat. 

First off, this is how you get involved. Go HERE and donate at least 2.5 pounds (whatever that is these days in USD or MORE). All profits go towards Bat World Sanctuary! Visit to read about the great work that they do!

Here's your track listing with brief commentary about each song. Hopefully this will help you guage your influence. I know that electronic horror music isn't for everyone, but there's a whole Hell of a lot of it out there. It can't all be spookabilly or psychobilly or horror punk or horror metal. 

1. Manix - Good Guano - this is a high energy, sample laden track that features a discussion about bats. It fits the theme, is somewhat funny, but is a great way to start off the album. I like to think of this as the camp classic of the album. 

2. Murkbox - Kyuuketsuki- eerie, near theramin synth sounds dance of an 80's soundscape. I picture every post-apocalypse movie and every small critter alien from outer space flick I've ever seen.

3. Werewolves in Siberia - The House of Nosferatu - this is a down tempo creep fest that starts off as ambient sound and then builds into a head nodding walk through the house of vamp.

4. Ghoulshow - Echolocation - I previously reviewed Ghoulshow's full album (released through Graveyard Calling on cassette tape!). I enjoyed the composition more than the songs featured on the full length. This seems like the dark direction that Ghoulshow should continue. Heavily layered soundscapes. Catchy melodies layered to cacophony. Again, this has great 80's sensibilities.

5. Optiks - Count Orlok - I think that some times it's important to read song titles before you listen to them. This is important especially in classical music and electronic music where there isn't a lyrical reference point for a visual. Count Orlok seems to me to be a vamp that patrols the realm of his own castle through light switch covers and electrical outlets. Think of an electricians Lifeforce.
6. Fogcreature - Wings of Flesh - This is a straight up Thrill Kill Kult piece. It's danceable and actually contains lyrics. It's a nice addition to the release because it varies the style from pure glitch or mid to down tempo sound builds. You might as well have looked for this on Wax Trax if they were still around. 

7. Connor Gandy - The Vampire Bat - the most relaxed song on the album. This is moody, down tempo and sets a slightly darker motif than its more danceable counterparts. 

8. Tommy Creep - Flying Beside Her - You know how I feel about Tommy Creep if you read my review of his full length album. This song is my favorite on the album or maybe one of my favorites (it varies per day). It's got a nice up beat tempo, beautiful samples, creepy melodies. It's Tommy Creep.

9. Défago - Night of the Vampire - a throwback to science fiction score of the late 70's this movie could easily fit into the movie Xtro. Layered once it builds, the whole thing starts off so simplisitic you never expect it to turn into space vampire heaven.

10. Uxoricide - Bats of the Abyss  - super glitch with strange off putting beats. This is the sound of bat radar bouncing off a cavern, seeing you with said radar and then attacking.
11. Hannibal Bateman - The Wings of Transylvania - you gotta love an artist who combines the names of Hannibal Lectur and Patrick Bateman. Dark, movie music for the beginning of your journey into a new vamp flick.

12. Spi - Devil Bat - nice old time horror radio sample throughout. The sound is big and bassy. Stick around for the end where the damn thing changes into a saw edge wave to the end of your life. Nearly 8 Bit Nintendo style music.

13. Fangris - Graveyard Shift - This entry is all over the place. It would probably make great haunted house music. It has surprises that actually jump out and surprise you. Large ethereal builds followed by glitch static noise and lightning bolts of audio nightmares. 

14. Sam Haynes - Dance of the Vampires - This actually is very traditional and danceable. You might imagine this being played a vampire's ball and might involve a waltz of some kind. I got this strange feeling of the Addam's Family and Addam's Family value scores and soundtrack (not MC Hammer of course).

15. Darknesss - Hell's Organist  - Over 9 minutes of musical wretching that takes you on a journey into the dark pits of the dancehall of haunt music. There's simply a lot going on here. 

Again, make sure you donate to a great cause, pick up this album if you like bats or electronic music or electronic horror music. Follow the links. Go HERE and donate at least 2.5 pounds (whatever that is these days in USD or MORE). All profits go towards Bat World Sanctuary! Visit to read about the great work that they do!


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