Sunday, September 29, 2013

This is the End (DVD Review) - Feels Like the First Time

I had the pleasure of watching This is the End in a packed theater this first time I saw it. That means that all the laughter, the shared emotion, even the moderate terror that some of the audience felt were passed around from movie goer to ticket holder in a shockwave of positive elation. It's one of the better crowd experiences I have had from an auditorium viewing in some time. I enjoyed the movie, laughed heartily and on queue and unfortunately lost interest somewhere in the third act when the whole thing went over Niagra falls. That's not because it was bad, but it was because the shift from a "friends" movie to a "apocalyptic moral" tale was abrupt for me. Not that I didn't anticipate it. This is the End isn't a movie that you go to see because you're unsure as to what will happen next. You know. In the back of your mind you can see it coming once the action starts. So how does the DVD measure up to the theatrical experience and what's it like for a second go around once the freshness wears off?

Synopsis from Fandango:

Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel star as themselves along with Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, and Craig Robinson in this end-of-days comedy that finds the actors hiding out with James Franco in his house as the apocalypse decimates L.A. outside

This is the End is just as funny on a second watching though anticipating some of the one liners takes the jolting laughter and stows it in a somewhat lower nervous reaction. It's overly positive. Michael Cera is still the funniest damn person in the movie followed up by Danny McBride. I love 'em both. Now I have to go watch East Bound and Down as quick as a bunny to catch up for the next season. The small screen may detract from the overall dread and sheer size of the end of times as conveyed on the super larger theater screen with theater sound and a theater audience reaction. It works. Maybe you pick up on a joke or two you didn't before, and relive the moments where you understood what homage was being paid to what classic horror picture. It's like an old friend coming to visit on judgement day, but hey, he brought pumpkin bread.

The disc itself is somewhat bare though there's a few goodies to keep the fan boys occupied. I thought we'd be seeing a stacked release with a more grandiose cover. In stead we got the comedy cover (not an "end of the world" cover). We get a few choice words from Seth Rogan and well... not much else. Let's hope for beefy release in the future once we get a sequel or when the public catches on to just how damn funny this is. The picture quality is good.

You can laugh at this movie. It's honest and over the top in the best way. You can tell that Rogen and co just let everyone improvise and do the comedic equivalent of play. That's what it's like when you watch it with friends; it makes you feel just that good.

This is the End is available October 1. You can pick up it up HERE.


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