Thursday, September 5, 2013

Welcome to the Horror Show (Halloween Haunt Album Review)

Synth based haunt music has come a long way. While I may be partial to organic, physical instruments in general, I understand that that isn't realistic when artists want to create large soundscapes to fill a full scale haunt or to give families something to blast out their window on Halloween. If that's something you're looking for then I think Sam Haynes has got the right product for you. Welcome to the Horror Show is an 18 track, eclectic mix of electronic based music to frighten, story tell and creep out. Again, this may not be for everyone. Haunt owners take notice. This might the soundtrack to your own personal nightmare.

This is the artist's tribute to classic horror music and horror haunts, and in that he is successful. Each song is recognizable as a piece of horror art, and each song pays respect to a film or style of music making featured on old time Halloween sound effects CD's.

As a whole the album finds some fairly common themes. Looking across the spectrum of titles, Haynes touches on all the major food groups from zombies to ghosts and back again. My personal favorite song on the album is the kitchy, novelty electronica called Zombie. This piece has fun with the listener and doesn't take itself too seriously. 31-13 also got me good. It's more upbeat and downright strange.

Go check out Sam Haynes album HERE, and see if it's your thing. The bandcamp link is HERE. Maybe you've just found the thing to scare the trick or treaters away before you have to give them candy so you can sit on your couch with a handful of bra and sugar bottle caps. Isn't that album cover fantastic?

Happy Haunting Super Creepers!


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