Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cassadaga: Human Marionettes Are Friggin Creepy.

Please understand that I am not one who is the habit of reviewing movies negatively. That means that I choose to offer constructive criticism, highlight the positive in a movie, find its audience or promote the amazing. For Cassadaga from director, Anthony DiBlasi, I'm truly torn. Not because the movie was especially bad or that it was exceptional. I'm torn because it feels like two separate, unique movies were combined into one film that wasn't overly cohesive or coherent, but had some moments that actually got under my skin. Let me give you some of the marks against it, and tell you what really worked for this movie.


CASSADAGA tells the story of Lily Morel (Kelen Coleman), a post-lingually deaf artist, who participates in a séance in the spiritualist community of Cassadaga. But instead of getting closure with her recently departed sister, Lily contacts the vengeful ghost of a murdered woman. As the ghost becomes increasingly angry and violent, Lily rushes to unravel the mysterious circumstances surrounding the woman’s death – a task that will bring her face-to-face with a sadistic serial killer who turns his victims into human marionette dolls

The movie vacillates between ghost hunt and creep serial killer movie, two very common themes in modern horror. This creates a feeling of disjoint. Confusion. The story bounces between intense scenes involving those damn human marionettes in progress and Lily Morel running around trying to figure out where the baddies are. Unfortunately, the story never figures out its own identity, and even the difference in shooting style prevents a true cohesion between dark tales and story telling methods. The acting is flat, not bad, but as usual... if you don't care about a character due to the ability of the actor to create a sense of sympathy, well... you just want her dead. That's the bad. The production value is fine. It's watchable.

Cassadaga's strength lies in these human marionettes. Wow, they look cool. Eye and hook design,strung up, full size and deformed. This is the way to build a monster that few have seen before. The problem with these amazing effect creations is that they're barely used. This things need more screen time; they gave me the willies and created a dark sense of dread and wonderment that could captivate me for an entire picture. I want more of that creature/effect creations.

Archstone Distribution will be releasing CASSADAGA in THEATERS and on VOD Friday, October 11, 2013. If you check it out I want to know just what you think of these creepie creations.


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