Sunday, November 10, 2013

Creatures The World Forgot - Hammer Gone Wild!

There are times when I make blanket statements about certain production companies like Hammer. I say things like, "I love everything they've put out". 99% of the time that's actually correct. Then there are movies like Creatures The World Forgot. I understand why it's appealing to some viewers. Fans of the barbarian genre... they eat this stuff up. Let's take sexy ladies and gents and put them in next to nothing and forget the script back in the office.  It's quiet, to the point and filled with scantily clad men and women living like gorgeous animals. Unfortunately I need a little bit more from my fantasy picture. I'm not turned on by loincloths and most of the wild beasts in the movie simply don't scare me when thrust at me repeatedly in poorly constructed shots. Maybe as a Mystery Science Theater or Riff track I could find some redeeming characteristic, but it's not for me. For those of you who do enjoy this genre, let's try to find out if this is a good fit for you. I think you'll get a kick out of it.

The whole thing is about a power struggle over the head of a tribe during a time before civilization. Everyone's nearly naked. There are wild beasts, strange desert and mountain landscapes to be endured. Hey, someone has to be head honcho.

The movie is damn quiet making it a pretty difficult watch. The entire movie is nearly mute with the exception of some animal growls. In that perhaps it's somewhat innovative for Hammer. This was the only movie they shot that fit this mold, silent-ish and caveman. I suppose you can consider it somewhat of an experiment. Since they didn't reproduce it ad nauseum, I'm pretty sure it wasn't successful upon it's 1970 release which is why they took everyone's clothes off in all their later vampire films.

This is the kind of film that Don Chaffey, director of Jason and the Argonauts and One Million Years BC, does really well. From an artistic statement in storytelling it's actually quite a challenge. It works for the genre, but again, not for me. The actually release itself is in fine condition though no additional material to speak of. The cover is the traditional, One Million Years BC style cover art and without the Sony Choice Collection border.

You can pick up Creatures the World Forgot now.

-Doc Terror

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