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4 ALL NIGHT HORROR MARATHON VOLUME TWO (Scream Factory DVD) - Crossover Review with The Liberal Dead

The first All Night Horror Marathon was pretty damn fun. What’s the Matter With Helen, The Outing, The Vagrant and The Godsend were on the bill, and I was shocked to find that there were still older horror classics that I could fall in love with in much the same way as some of the B favorites with which I became enamored as a kid. The Outing and The Godsend are must see movies focusing on schlock and kid horror respectively. With Volume 2 of the same series from Scream Factory there’s an added bonus; we get to enjoy Empire era horror from the 80’s and early 90’s. This collection features The Dungeonmaster, Cellar Dweller, Contamination .7 and Catacombs. Let’s talk about why you absolutely must pick this quad-horror built for sleepovers is the perfect (and cheap) pick up. We’ll talk about each one briefly in a review that will share time on both The Liberal Dead and DOCTERROR.COM.

We will discuss two movies on this side of the horror-verse and then transition to The Liberal Dead.


Synopsis from Shout Factory – 

1985/Color/PG-13/77 minutes/Anamorphic Widescreen (1.78:1)

Paul, a young computer ace, is forced to pit his physical and mental skills against unimaginable odds when a hulking wizard looking for formidable opponents picks him as his next challenger. Paul faces a series of seven spectacular and death-defying challenges and must survive not only to save his life but that of his girlfriend too.

I first had the chance to watch this one on Netflix and was particularly taken it with it though found it mostly humorous. It’s a classic underdog dork vs. the sinister evil overlord in a chance to prove that he’s not as much of a dork as he is a hero.  The effects are dated and cheesy and the acting is camp perfect, but the message holds true.  It’s light-hearted good fun.


Synopsis from Shout Factory

1988/Color/NOT RATED/78 minutes/Full Frame

The promising career of a horror comic book artist ends in a fiery death when he confronts the carnage of his own imagination in his studio. Years later, an ardent devotee of the artist's work becomes a resident in his house, now an art academy, unaware that her imagination has revived the grotesque murderer of the past…and that she may be the next victim.

This has got to be the movie that absolutely had me. I had thought I had previously watch Cellar Dweller, but I was wrong and I’m mad. This comic book based feature has some amazing artwork, awesome music, EC homages direct and indirect as well as fun effects, campy at times and gruesome others. We’re talking about a feature that should be watched often and should have seen a proper release years before this. Jeffrey Combs is brilliant, the women are hottie hot hot hot and there’s plenty of loose clothing. Some of my favorite cheeseball acting from the males.  We even named a band after this one, The Third Street Cellar Dweller’s based on my enthusiastic love of the cover art.

Do yourself a favor and pick up these release solely for this movie. It’s worth it.

To Be Continued… (The other two movies are reviewed on TheLiberal Dead).

-Doc Terror

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