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BAD MILO (Blu-ray) - Preparation Awesome!

Bad Milo didn't make my top ten list for 2013, but it came damn close. It's the kind of mini-monster movie that pulls heart strings even though it plays on grade school potty humor and one I actually identify with in some strange way. I'm surprised I haven't been put on an ultrasound machine before to see what's going on in my intestines most specifically, my ass. I hold all my goddamn tension right there between my cheeks. Think I'm kidding? Just ask my saintly wife who must assuredly be tired of me discussing hemorrhoids and strain in my bum. Maybe it's because I sit all day long at work or while reviewing. Maybe it's because I'm obsessively trying to control my flatulence in a public place. This is all completely horrifying to reveal, but folks, I have no idea why I've divulged that. I suppose it's supposed to show why that cute critter Milo is so endearing to me, but more than like I'm just grossing you the fuck out. Regardless of my personal physical connection to this movie, I urge you to watch and enjoy it. You deserve to laugh and be just as grossed out as the rest of us butt-loving, ass clenching horror fans have had the fortune of doing while watching this Ken Marino/Gillian Jacobs chuckle fest. You may want to bring an extra roll of TP or an enema.


Basic premise of Bad Milo aka Milo (and not the Milo from the 90's)... Stressed out motherfucker a shit load of problems... or rather an ass load of one Mogwai looking, butt demon that is also incredibly adorable, vicious and will rip your neck out with or without Preparation H. Where this little guy came from is the thing of mystery and how to prevent him from fulfilling his homicidal urges will take you one of the strangest journeys this side of the rectal thermometer.


I've had the good fortune of reviewing the actual movie previously and now I'd like to turn my attention to the Magnet Blu-ray release. It's got plenty to talk about aside from the content of the movie itself. To read my thoughts on the actual content of the release (written shortly after watching Hell Baby) follow the bouncing hyperlink HERE. Excerpt:

I really enjoyed Bad Milo, and it wasn't entirely because it was humorous, though it was plenty funny at times. Funnier than Hell Baby to be certain. The creature design of Milo is superb. Fake enough to be funny. Real enough to be somewhat scary and cute enough to make you fall in love with him. E.T. with TEETH and beady big eyes. Now that's saying something about a creature that comes out of a guys ass. Throw in Ken Marino from The State (one of my favorite cast members) and the deal is sealed. He can play the straight man and the out of control, over emotive husband with a sperm problem. Well acted. This is funny people being funny, physically and using their heart.

To the extras...

This has all the blessing of a cult horror puppet monster movie with features devoted to both comedic content and creature puppeteering and creation.  There's an extended outtakes reel that watches like a a laughfest and includes fleshed out scenes from the picture. The extended dinner scene is a bit tedious but honest. I'd recommend it for fans who prefer excess. There's a great deleted veterinary scene that is not to be missed.

Perhaps the greatest thing to enjoy during any creature feature movie is to see how the monster comes to life. In two separate features we get that chance. Behind Milo: The Puppeteers! and Behind Milo: Raw Take. I really need to learn what a rotoscope is one of these days (and to think... Google is right there in front of me). See how the cute cuddly ass monster comes to life, brilliantly.

The commentary is very entertaining featuring director, writer and leads Jacob Vaughn, Benjamin Hayes, Ken Marino and Gillian Jacobs. It's like one long riff track with a voice of reason permeating every so often to bring the whole crew of comedians back into focus. I often feel as though commentaries detract from actually watching a movie, but this one is wholly amusing. Enjoy the AXS TV: A Look at Milo as well. The Ken Marino interview is also worth a watch for fans of The State and Marino's other work. He's a good fella.

This is one great looking disc featuring 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio, 1080p HD 1.85:1 and multiple language tracks.

My one gripe? I wish Milo was featured more prominently on the cover. This movie is recommended to fans of comedic small-ish monster fare from the 80's. Think Munchies or Ghoulies or Gremlins. I also recommend this to those of you who share my eternal struggle with ass pain. I'm going to have to produce a line of Doc Terror ass doughnuts.

You can order Bad Milo NOW! It's not just for Ass Men!

-Doc Terror

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