Sunday, January 12, 2014


Do you know how hard it is not to eat one box of monster cereal that sits idle on a shelf, calling to you? Do you know the kind of torture and self loathing one has to endure to simply keep one's hands off a box of delicious Candy Corn Oreos? Friends, I have seen a dark place. It is the land of sacred Halloween treats from 2013. Treats that have gone uneaten. Treats saved for a moments when your craving for things monster and things spooky and things tasty might re-converge into a decadent bender.

Horror people, I am providing that sugar bender.

Starting now we are going to be giving away one prize pack of Halloween treats. These will include all 5 monster cereals: Yummy Mummy, Frute Brute, Count Chocula, Boo Berry and Frankenberry. The retro boxes. They'll be yours. Also, some delightful autumn Herschy Kisses, Candy Corn M&Ms, Monster Jones Sodas and a couple silly surprises. If you couldn't locate these sweets in your area, you have a chance. If you didn't get to try the retro monster cereals or are collecting retro packaging, now's the time. Here's how to enter.

To win the Hungry For Halloween prize pack all you have to do is like our FaceBook page (follow the bouncing hyperlink) or follow us on Twitter if that's your preference and then email me your response at with subject line Hungry For Halloween. What are you sending? I'd like to know your favorite Halloween memory, favorite costume as a kid (or adult) and include pictures if you'd like. Also, make sure to include your address for mailing purposes (US residents only for this bad boy because shipping stuff this heavy in country is brutal enough I'm afraid). When the site hits 1800 likes we'll announce a winner (or March 15th... the Ides, if we can't get anyone on board for this thing). Please share this puppy around. 

I hope you love the goodies we have saved for you. I'd love to see pics of you with the pack when you get it. Make the clever. Take them in your underwear or have the cereals battle or fill your bathtub with them. Something. 

Good luck, horror-verse. 

-Doc Terror

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