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DEEP ROOTS/Starlet Nights (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - PEEKARAMA All Night, Vinegar Syndrome Every Day

The PEEKARAMA, Big 2 Unit Show! Series from Vinegar Syndrome is bringing some truly strange movies to the table as of late. Where Vinegar Syndrome may have started off with some truly classy underground flicks and the Drive-In Collection that focused on exploitation movies of the 70’s, they’ve really started pumping out the porn. Not that this is a problem. I’ve been given a crash course in smut, and can safely say that I’m starting to see more than tits and ass on the screen (or necophile blow jobs in mid-three way). The films that Vinegar Syndrome focus on all have a story and deserve to be remembered even if by the debauched scenesters of our generation. That’s where we they’ve given us two features directed by Lisa Barr from 1978. Both features are 2k scans from 35mm archival prints. Both have some really strange shit going on.

Boy is it tricky to find info on Lisa Barr... maybe that's because it's an alias? For Joseph Bardo who worked on Trip with the Teacher and an X rated Alice in Wonderland parody! Take note: I need to see Thrill Killers. Feel free to comment with any info you’d like to share about his/her work below. Did she go to school for body painting?

Before we get started, you can order this release now from Vinegar Syndrome. Support the ever expanding archive of the underground.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

An American Indian journeys from his reservation to the lust capital of Hollywood where he finds himself surrounded by erotic thrills beyond his wildest fantasies! Featuring Andy Warhol superstar, Liz Renay!
The first thing you need to know about Deep Roots is that while there may be a story to follow and a narrative this is really a collection of strange fetishes. I have sent screen shots of this movie to friends of mine and have actually startled them. Everything from strange pubic hair brushing to hair brush insertion. Is that the natural progression of things? Grooming. Porking. Fashion.

Now what was the thing that shocked my friends the most? How about truly artistic late 70’s flower power esque body painting followed by some hardcore schtupping? We’re talking about bright blue painted assholes with hair jungles, cream pies and disturbing messy cums that create nightmare visions of abstract art that feels more like you’re watching Street Trash than an X rated adult feature. I’m still trying to get the image out of my oculars, but quite honestly it’s become a great talking point. As the adult film industry matured, what the Hell were filmmakers going to do to get asses in the seats and on faces? Anything.

Deep Roots has moments of moderate humor and plays itself up to be a more serious endeavor than it could hope to be, ultimately becoming a trailer reel of adult scenes pasted together with dialogue and driving scenes. This is a sex shocker to be sure. Too experimental to be erotic, but not truly dangerous. It’s not an S&M flick or a roughie.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

This sexy retelling of Snow White stars Leslie Bovee as a beautiful, but wicked, stepmother trying to ruin the virginal reputation of her stunning stepdaughter, Snow.

Starlet Nights may be the story of Snow White and even name the lead Snow, but that’s where the truly amusing stuff seems to end. Most likely the problem is that I watched Starlet Nights after watching Deep Roots, and Deep Roots is actually quite intense. It makes this feature feel like straight forward, tame porn with a slight parody that doesn’t go far enough to be humorous. Sure you can laugh at it. I mean, I’m not an asshole, but it’s no Re-Penetrator or Gums. For 1978, I supposed I couldn’t expect 7 Dwarves.

There are many interesting breasts. Not good or bad. Just interesting. Let that be the jumping off point for your viewing experience.

Both releases are extra-free and feature traditional poster art on the cover.

Note: 1.85:1 OAR DVD for both features.

-Doc Terror

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