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A movie with the title Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer is a no brainer. You watch it because it has a great title. There's actually a statistical proven occurrence by which a movie with a title as great as Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer will automatically be well worth your hour and change. Proven statistically or not you simply have to appreciate this entertaining picture because in this instance the hyperbole is accurate. Atom is funny. It is chaos. It is gore When the filmmakers behind this feature say that it doesn't feature zombies, they are not lying. When the award presenters said it was a truly funny horror comedy, that was also accurate, and yet it all comes back to a guy named Atom, zombie killing (or lack there of) and of course, bowling.

Synopsis from Bizjack Flemco Productions (authored by Tim Johnson):

Atom is an amazing zombie killer, has a horny girlfriend...and is the best bowler in the league! But don't tell that to Dario and the Slashers, the evil bowling rivals who will stop at nothing to thwart Atom and his buddies. When all of his problems come to a head, Atom must battle his worst nightmare--ZOMBIES! May the bloodbath begin! The first ZOMBIE movie to NOT feature ZOMBIES! lets ROCK and BOWL in this outrageous horror comedy

I suppose the first thing to note is to set your expectations. This is a gory, low budget horror comedy. This was not made my filmmakers aching to tell their indie horror tale to scare the tampon out of you (they'd rather use their teeth to remove it to be certain). It includes the dreaded zed word in the title which must a finely crafted quip at the over-saturation drenching Red One's everywhere in the latest attempting to put an undead rotter in front of a camera. Everyone has a zombie tale. No one has an un-zombie tale or at least no one like our dastardly duo, Richard Taylor and Zack Beins. There's a real vision behind ATAZK. It isn't artsy fartsy with fancy camera angles attempting to hide it's budget beneath carefully planned shots. It throws the fake intestines right on the table and screams seconds! Thirds! So managing your expectations is important. If you're a fan of the zombie subgenre do not expect a Walking Dead rehash with physical comedy thrown in and out and out parody. That's not to say the zombie crowd won't get it or appreciate it because more than likely they'll find it a breath of fresh air. 

Yes Lloyd Kaufman is in the picture, and while that can be the telltale sign that a picture may be unwatchable or at least as a moderate chance of an overused tactic to get asses in front of the screen, Atom creatively uses Kaufman's presence as a nod and self-reflective piece of humor. You can keep your eyes on the screen and prepare for what might be an unofficial, official Troma homage. These fellas know how to throw sex and splatter at a screen and make it stick. You'll be wiping your palms as well as your screen clean. Bring tissues and Windex to the theater (they'll probably give you a dollar off admission).

Now that we understand some of the fundamentals of the picture let's run down the list.

The Players: So Lloyd shows up, but that's the only face you'll more than likely remember. This is a low budget production. It's cast is effective at conveying humor with performances as outlandish as a movie called Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer might demand. The punkers are funny and overact to perfection. Your heroes and anti-heroine offer solid Troma-eseque performances.

The Scare: It's not. It's funny, but it has gore (see below)

The B(lood) & G(ore): It's bright red blood and very fake prosthetic  body parts. Do not expect realism. Expect a gross out that won't phase the Troma or August Underground crowd, but might get your teenage cousin to find the potty.

The Ta’s: Ample babe. All babe. Perfectly annoying slutty babe bad girl, back stabbing babe.

The Family Plot: Not all movies can be solid bowling movies. It feels like we live in a post-Big Lebowski sporting frenzy where everyone wants to dry their balls over America's greatest past time... it's bowling right? Atom uses the basic backdrop of a bowling alley and sporting team feud in a non-invasive comedic way. It's on the nice list.

The Finish: Triumphant. You'll see. No spoilers and worth the wait.

The Art: There's some damn cool cover art/poster art.

Extras: It has some intros and dialogues with the creators as well as audience reaction. This was a screener review that was gilded toward review by film festival judges and the like (heathens!). I'd love to see what these fun folks put together for a feature release especially with the great team of Kaufman and Herz behind the mess.

Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer is for the horror splatter fans who get it. This will do well with the Shot on Video crowd, for those who remember fondly how a VHS tape smelled and how anyone can make a movie, but only the gnarliest can make an Atom.  I solid first endeavor by Beins and Taylor with nods to the virgin cast. Make sure to check out the excellent soundtrack which is available at their online store HERE. Unfortunately the limited edition clamshell VHS is out of stock, but T-Shirts are available. 

Follow along on Facebook and check back in the screening section of the website to figure out how you can enjoy Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer. It played Tromadance and you may even see a Troma release which fits perfectly with the style, subject and independent beauty of the film. 

-Doc Terror

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