Thursday, March 13, 2014

HERE COMES THE DEVIL (Magnet Blu-ray) - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner While You're Getting Laid?

I recently had the chance to enjoy Here Comes the Devil for the second time. This time it was on Blu-ray from Magnet. Magnet’s product is typically pretty damn good, and this disc is no exception. There’s plenty of juicy extras, the disc quality is great and the material looks very good on this HD transfer. The real question you need to ask yourself is if you can handle horror that involves children. We’re not talking about movies like The Children from 1980 or Bloody Birthday. This is a serious horror picture that is moderately tragic, perfect to scare the P (pee) out of parents and will make you fear for your kids as well as fear your kids.

Synopsis from Magnet:

A couple’s preteen son and daughter inexplicably reappear after being lost overnight on a desolate, cave-riddled mountainside. Becoming withdrawn and beginning to exhibit strange behavior, their parents quickly assume something sinister happened to them while missing and alone.

But after hearing an ominous local legend… the concerned mother and father begin to realize that their children may have fallen prey to something inhuman – and that this dark, unstoppable evil has now returned home with them.



From my previously posted review regarding the content of the picture…

This movie starts off with a hot as hot can be lesbian scene followed shortly thereafter by a riveting automobile make out, hand-fuck that is brilliant. Rarely have I have been so turned on by a movie not slated for the porn shelves. There’s absolutely something filthy about a couple discussing their intimacy as young adults paired with their own feelings of insecurity, anger and sexual power plays that excite. Wow! I didn’t expect that from a Saturday morning viewing. I’d say that’s worth the price of admission alone and that would be the “romantic” in me, but there’s plenty to watch in Here Comes the Devil beyond the indiscretions of consenting adults.

The overall look and feel of the movie is dreary, dark and dirty. It feels like a very hollow picture with little chance for a happy ending much less an ending that won’t make you gag on your morals. Well, it does evolve past its raunchier conceptions and at least arrives at a movie that has an element of horror fantasy rather than playing the reality card. I’m tired of being lured into movies by “the devil” only to find human beings at the other end of the dark tunnel. That’s not to say that there aren’t evils involving humanity, but there is a very real supernatural element in this picture that is refreshing among similarly themed horror pictures based in reality usually with some kind of True Crime element underlying the horrific theme.

All the players perform well and the only fail, is some of the cheap, overused CGI that is obviously fake and to the detriment of the picture. It is very obvious when you see it. If CGI isn’t used for this effect than it is simply executed poorly as a practical effect which means it can be doubly faulted (for being a bad effect). You’ll know it when you see it. Think of the Exorcist and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

As I stated in the opening to this review, the disc is loaded. There’s an extended nightmare scene, behind the scenes comparisons, rehearsals, behind the scenes photo gallery, AXS TV: A Look at Here Comes the Devil and commentary from Adrian Garcia Bogliano. That’s what Magnet does. Packs good horror movies with plenty to chew on.  1080p 16x9 2.35:1 with Spanish and English tracks and subtitles. Region A.

The end should surprise you, and haunt you. It also contains one of the hottest car sexual encounters I’ve had the pleasure of watching. Definitely recommending this to fans of possession horror, demonic horror and realistic horror. It’s not as fast paced as I would have preferred, but some moments of extreme action in making up for the crawl to the finish line. The finish line being well worth the wait.

-Doc Terror

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