Saturday, April 5, 2014

About a Zombie (DVD) - The Zombie is Family. You've Seen This Before.

I don't want to spend too much time on About a Zombie. While this release didn't exactly trigger anything particular emotional in me, I can see it appeal to the zed word audience. Some of you who are tired of zombies, twists in zombie fiction and are absolutely exhausted by the social criticism allowed for by the inclusion of zombies will want to steer clear of this release from Revolver Entertainment. Conversely, if you enjoy zombies, socially aware horror that is well acted and with a production value that ain't half bad, check out About a Zombie. It will have a familiar feel and message similar to Fido. 

Synopsis from Revolver:

A working class Irish family is caught up in a zombie invasion of Dublin, Ireland. When their son, Billy, becomes a zombie the family chooses to take care of him in the home much to the chagrin of the neighbors and the local crime boss. Meanwhile, they've invited an American documentarian to film their situation and the film crew is caught up in the mayhem. Will the family prove that blood is thicker than water or will their love lead to their eventual doom? One thing is clear, for the zombies in Ireland, the famine is definitely over.

I'm not sure it's as funny as it is being marketed to be. In fact, it's more or less melancholy and as bleak as most zombie fodder. What makes it worth your time will be the performances from some unknowns that get the job done. The makeup itself is not my favorite, being about as far from Romero zombie makeup as possible without going full blown 28 Days. 

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