Sunday, April 6, 2014

Marilyn and the Senator (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

It's been quite awhile since I've sat through a two hour long sex romp that had all the hallmarks of being a full length feature rather than an adult feature that played to the audience in your pants. Marilyn and the Senator isn't a two hour nookie fest, but a bit of comedy, some modest plot development and most of all a look into the strange underground world of adult, sex satire. I think of Vinegar Syndrome's newest releases in the words of Antonio Salieri from Amadeus: Two many notes. That is to say that this director's cut seems to carry out a tour du bore, though not without its merit. As a part of the larger work in the Vinegar Syndrome, the concept of preservation and releasing the unreleasable, Marilyn and the Senator fits in quite well. It will find an audience ready to accept the unique storytelling style while playing at being critical all the time wrapped in a certain naughty package.

Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

William Margold stars as ‘The Senator,’ who, despite being married, agrees to impregnate a beautiful CIA agent. As complications ensue with the senator’s ability to ‘perform’, his wife and associates become increasingly suspicious of his affairs, resulting in a myriad of bizarre plot twists and revelations.

This release does feature gorgeous, traditional cover artwork that is poster worthy marked clearly as adult only fare. My only gripe is that the red and green writing featured on the back cover feels difficult to read, the colors not contrasty enough for these old, tired eyes. What might surprise you is that there's actually an audio commentary from William Margold, co-writer and star of Marilyn and the Senator. It's not often that we get a commentary track on this type of movie releases, so there's something to appreciate even if you can't really get into this release. The disc also includes a theatrical trailer and is presented in 1.85:1 OAR. The picture quality looks good, preserving film grain.

Carlos Tobalina has a rather extensive adult feature filmography though I am not familiar with his body of work. This release comes to us from the mid-70's nearly six years after Tobalina directed his first work Infrasexum. This is a more mature release that comes from a time when adult entertainment was allowed to tell stories that went beyond sex comedies or over the top drive-in features. What I may not necessarily appreciate about Tobalina's effort is that it isn't quite screwball enough which is to say its humor is not concise. It is dragged out though it is obvious that movies of this time were very helpful in developing the sex comedy stylings for early 1980's efforts. It's subtle. Slowburn... for a comedy anyway. There will be plenty of familiar gags;the old fellated banana never gets old and is memorable as the slip and fall from a banana fill in adult entertaiment.

You can order Marilyn and the Senator now. Available April 8th. Check out that very reasonable price point!

-Doc Terror

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