Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Interview with Naomi Grossman aka "Pepper" From AMERICAN HORROR STORY From Little Punk People

Do you know who Little Punk People are? They are the creative geniuses behind the most wonderful horrific, cute artwork that has been displayed on shirts, glasses, even cookie jars. One of the Little Punk People's core members, Elliot, does interviews with some pretty interesting celebrities form time to time. I have to hand it to this fella because I personally would be absolutely starstruck if given the chance to interview some of the folks he's had the chance to speak with (GHOST!)

This week Elliot from Little Punk People conducts a fun interview with the amazing Naomi Grossman who played "Pepper" in American Horror Story season 2 at Terror Con in Rhode Island. Video was shot & edited by Mitch Steinberg.

Please share it around. Give it a watch and overall learn something about Naomi and Elliot. It's a non-conventional interview which really means it's damn refreshing. 

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