Monday, June 16, 2014

NEW RELEASE UPDATE: The Ford Brothers' The Dead 2 Coming to Blu-ray. Let the Political Subtext Begin

A couple of years ago I had the chance to enjoy The Dead twice in a short period of time. The first time was on a small screen at home, reviewing it for the site. It had been hyped up, and of course was filmed in Africa. My first experience with it was excellent. It was dark and all the metaphorical trappings of a Romero zombie movie though I would say perhaps a bit too realistic for my taste in dark fantasy. You could smell the political subtext. It oozed of everything from the hunger crisis in to the AIDS epidemic. Of course all of that is left up to the viewer's own mind. The Ford Brothers know how to make a bold, critical statement on film.
The second viewing at the Exhumed 24 Hour Horrorthon wasn't quite the same as the first. It didn't seem to translate to the big screen or at least not the event in question. While it was exciting to watch such a new movie, the Horrorthons are typically reserved for cult classics and fan favorites as opposed to a new, independent release. Combine that with the saturation of the zeds in film especially that year, and the audience wasn't entirely thrilled.
The original The Dead is a movie to think about; to contemplate and to imagine as horrific not just on screen but due to its realism, what an epidemic of zombies might actually look like in reality. The Dead 2 will continue that story, and hopefully that sense of stark, bleak reality. These are not feel good zombie movies where you pump your fist and ask for the head of every undead body.
Full release notes below.


Continental Contagion Begins September 16th!

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – Two years ago, filmmakers Howard J. Ford and Jon Ford took international audiences on an unforgettable journey through a zombie-infected African veldt with the critically acclaimed and audience favorite The Dead. Setting a new standard for the zombie film, the Ford Brothers have now raised the survival stakes to new dramatic heights with the September 16th Blu-ray™ and DVD release of The Dead 2.

As demonstrated with screenings at numerous international film festivals, audiences around the world have once again thrilled to the Ford Brothers’ unique vision of the zombie apocalypse, taking it to yet another epic level. And just as with the first film, reviewers are bestowing glowing praise on the filmmaker’s ability to transform an exotic environment into a vital character within the character-driven narrative. The first international zombie film production to be shot in India, The Dead 2 utilizes the spectacular vistas of Rajasthan, Delhi and Mumbai to create yet another unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness baked in sunlight. SRP for the Blu-ray™ is $29.99 and SRP for the DVD is $24.98, with pre-book on August 13th.

A ship docks fresh from Somalia which contains one infected worker that passes unnoticed into the very heart of India’s overpopulated bustling streets, setting off an unstoppable chain of events. Meanwhile, American turbine engineer Nicholas Burton (Joseph Millson, Casino Royale) is working in the stark yet tranquil Indian countryside when he receives a call from his love Ishani (Meenu), a local girl who lives on the outskirts of the slums of Mumbai and who has hidden their relationship from her tradition-minded father. She reveals she is now pregnant and scared for her life as chaos and terror have taken ahold of the cities as the dead return to life and attack the living. Nicholas has to battle his way across their 300 mile landscape filled with flesh-eating – and infectious – undead. With the help of young street kid Javed (Anand Goyal), he has to rely on his wits and sheer brute force to try and save them all, as the clock ticks off the minutes before the last flight out of a living hell...
Bonus features on The Dead 2 Blu-ray™ and DVD include The Making of The Dead 2 and deleted scenes.

Unfolding across an epic vista of breathtaking scope, thrilling action, death-defying stunts and spine-chilling fright, yet always keeping the emotional resonance in focus, The Ford Brothers’ The Dead 2 once again melds the terror of the end of the world, with the inspiration of the human drive to survive.

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