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PEEKARAMA: Baby Rosemary and Hot Lunch (Vinegar Syndrome DVD)

Peekarama from Vinegar Syndrome is a double feature DVD that features two off the wall adult features. You never know what you're going to get in the black case with the pink writing and the classic poster art. Sometimes you get a snoozer, which is to say a lot of fucking with no real subtext or plot or violence. You get an adult movie for sure, and that's not a bad thing, but some of these discs are more appealing than others especially to a horror fan. Today we are bringing the continuous adult show of Baby Rosemary from 1976 and Hot Lunch from 1978 both directed by John Hayes.

I'd say that it's safe to assume that by the late 70's porn was hitting it off nicely. Sure you had to be scared of getting caught seeing one of these pictures and the guy in the long jacket in the back row was looking at your girlfriend during that double date, but it's wholesome, baby making entertainment. The 60's weren't far off, but the sexual revolution was being put on the big screen. Directors seemed to have understood that a narrative would go along way to keep asses in the seats and coming back. Sure everyone wanted to see the bang, but hey a story is nice too. If you like pornography, and you enjoy a strange old grindhouse tale, then this double feature is perfect for you. Each movie in the double feature has a rather unique tale framed with plenty of schtuping.

Now John Hayes, there's an interesting fella. I know him from a movie called Grave of the Vampire. He seemed to bounce back and forth between some rather enjoyable smut and some exploitation with a smathering of horror filling in the blanks. He even directed The Madness Room from 1985's Tales From the Darkside! Other titles include Up Yours. Jailbait Babysitter and  Heterosexualis!  These two movies come toward the later half of his career. He stopped making movies in 1985.

First off, you can order this Peekarama edition now if you see anything you like.


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

After the death of her father, a beautiful, though sexually traumatized, young woman enters an erotic nightmare while awaiting his funeral. “Baby Rosemary” is a haunting adult film like no other.
I'd hate to give away all the goodies from Baby Rosemary, but I don't think I've ever seen a group orgy at a funeral with the dead body still in the room. Furthermore it is the focal point of the scene during various shots and our lead actress is morning her departed dad. I guess nothing makes you more horny than grief. There's a string of scenes in between an strong opening that hints at the underlying narrative and the surreal fuck of death at the end that play like a porn by numbers. Plenty of attractive folks without their clothes on, but the whole vibe comes from a more depraved position. Baby Rosemary doesn't want you to leave happy. (Just make sure you get your rocks off before the third act).

Scanned from a 35mm negative and features a theatrical trailer. 1.85:1 OAR


Synopsis from Vinegar Syndrome:

Andrew’s life has hit rock bottom. After being fired from his job and discovering that his girlfriend is having an affair, he hits the streets looking for work only to discover a non-stop series of sexual delights waiting for him at every turn.
Hot Lunch goes above and beyond strange at times. The opening scene really nails it. A couple walks out of a luncheonette. They hop in their car and start fooling around in the front seat. Passerbys begin watching, making out, gawking and at the end of it the couple is applauded. Beyond that we go inside the little deli to watch what happens behind the counter. In short, lots of sex. Hey I worked at a Taco Bell and that's all we did on breaks in the manager's room or bathroom. Make sense. Hanging around all that meat all day. It's as funny as it is gonzo with plenty of overdramatic performances and genuinely exciting rolls in the hay.

Scanned and restored from a 35mm negative, it also features alternative scenes. 1.85:1 OAR.

Food and funerals and fucking. That's what Vinegar Syndrome does. I strongly recommend this one to fans of adult film, and to people looking to laugh at a movie that they may not have seen before that they can riff on a bit.

-Doc Terror

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