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IHW: Darkonefilms Creates Fake, Campy Trailers to Italian Horror Royalty

Darkonefilms Pictures is an interesting anomaly that I think bears looking into. I befriended this entity on Facebook because they had the Eibon symbol on as their profile picture. I have an Eibon tattoo on my chest. Obviously we are soul mates. Well a funny thing happened about a week later. These guys started tagging me in videos or sharing them on my wall. What kind of videos you might ask? Trailers. Trailers of sequels. Trailers of nonexistent sequels. More specifically they were kinda funny. Sure, they weren’t perfect and typically used existing footage and the original score from the original movie to create their fanmade parodies of what might be, but hey… I’m a sucker for the faux trailer.

The first one they shared with me was Creepshow 3. As you know Creepshow 3 exists, but they decided it didn’t and created their own. As a Creepshow whore this wasn’t an entirely unwelcome video. Creepshow 3 is an abomination. It is a pet-peeve film of mine. Any take on a Creepshow sequel that doesn’t involve Taurus is just fine by me. Then things took a turn for the Italian.

I was tagged in The Beyond 2. They Beyond 2? BEYOND THE BEYOND! Well, that would throw the Gates of Hell unofficial trilogy theory into a tizzy. Yes, they created a teaser for a sequel to the great Fulci classic that was part of unofficial trilogy already. And if that were the only one well… we might not be writing about them today. There are more, and not all of them make sense.

So what imagery in Nightmare City corresponds to the faux trailer for Zombie Women of the SS? I mean I suppose there are zombies and women in the studio scene, but I don’t think I would have put this title with this movie. Darkonefilms did. They created numerous teaser trailers out of footage reassembled from Nightmare City.

Zombie Women of the SS too much for you? How about Vampires of Bloodlust which uses different scenes from Nightmare City for a completely different movie! “Watch as Vampires Kill in Bloodlust”.

If that’s not quite evidence of the strange greatness with which Darkonefilms is leveling upon your eyeballs, perhaps The Gates of Hell – Purgatory would best suit you. With imagery and music from classic Fulci Gates of Hell films and some other cut ins, it’s best to appreciate the naming convention as much as the teasers themselves.

Of course there’s always The Gates of Hell 2. You know. Albert Gets Eaten? Yep, complete with music from The Beyond and assembled from some strange footage.

Not convinced that this is right for you? How about THE GATES OF HELL 3: APOCALYPTO!?

There’s a level of honesty in these faux teasers that says quite a bit about what might have come from a further expansion upon the golden age of Italian Horror if the bottom started to dropped out in the late 80’s or early 90’s. As the Italian sequel cycle progressed and naming conventions were solely used as marketing ploys, you could probably slap together a trailer not unlike one of these and have a modicum of success in the direct to video market. This is what the 90’s would have become if it wasn’t for Tim Burtons’ Batman and the action movie cycle of the 90’s taking over the bank roll. Terminator 2 turned practical latex effects into a thing of the past and we laid to rest many careers from our favorite Italian filmmakers. If not buried their works became ever more obscure, hard to come by, many of which are only now finding a fanbase.

We’re talking about a fella who makes the teaser trailers for the movies we would either like to see or would joke about after having drunk way too many Diet Mountain Dews. There logo work contains images from The Beyond and one of the iconic Demons posters. Basically they are repurposing images that we love because they love Italian Horror. He’s even used Grindhouse Releasing’s logo and Grindhouse the movie’s logo to add realism to his posters. Love em or hate em. Laugh at them or simply ask why? You have to appreciate the volume of work created.

From Darkonefilms Pictures:

Here we make films based on pure themes, without a plot, and THE Last House - like all films we do - refuses conventions or traditional structures ... people who blame THE Last House Saga for its lack of story don't understand that it's a film of images, which must be received without any reflection." - Joshua Randell

And more from the Facebook page:

We shoot Grindhouse horror films and other 70's and 80's stuff
Founded in April 2011 darkonefilms was started by Joshua Randell a small film studio.

And there have been awards:

Horror con-2011-Best Film $25,000- The Last House
Horror con-2012 Best Horror Film $5,000- Dominion- The Last House 2
Ks film con-2011-Best Horror Film $500- The Last House
Fayetteville Film Con- Best Film DVD Giveouts-Dominion-The Last House 2
Fayetteville Film Con-Best new Director Josh Petram-Badmoon Rising

They take the whole thing in stride too. They know it’s not for everyone. “Warning to any who hate us. Thanks for viewing our work..That is what we care video 25,000 Views..that is why we are awesome”. It’s true. I viewed every single video they made, and while I would have preferred more original footage faux trailers, I thought the general concepts were entetaining. Their bumpers are pretty damn funny especially the one with the beaver.

You can love or hate Darkonefilms on Facebook and Youtube. There’s a lot of content here with bumpers for their company mixed in with big name franchise horror sequels and reboots as well as what would appear to be original horror concepts. I think the important thing to remember is that the creators of these trailers are horror fans first, but I think the best thing to do is to laugh heartily .

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  1. I think his work is BS he is a fake and a phoney. All he does is use other peoples work and puts his name on it. He is a major plagiarizer don't trust him and don't watch his sh**t