Friday, July 11, 2014

IHW: THE GIALLO PLAYSET GIVEAWAY - What's in the Goddamn Box?

The Giallo Playset… A thing I created in my mind that basically came together like a doctor playset including stethoscope and needle or a police officer playset that gives you handcuffs, a badge and a gun only less noble a profession. With the Giallo Playset you can become a mysterious killer. Your kills can be set to some of the finest music ever created for Italian cinema. You will be given the tools with which to kill (all be they fake tools… this is pretend after all). You will be given two movies from which to learn. Most importantly you will be given the liquor of the trade, J and B Scotch.

First I want to walk you through the contents of the Giallo Playset and then I’ll tell you how to win this one of a kind item.

1. Black Hat

2. Black Gloves

3. Moustaches (multiple choices)

4. Knife (plastic with fake blood)

5. Fake cigarettes (we would have included real ones, but I figured we wanted to kill the fake victims not the winner)

6. Deep Red on DVD from Blue Underground

7. Perfume of the Lady in Black on DVD from Raro Video

8. A Blade in the Dark DVD from Blue Underground

9. A CD “mixtape” from Doc Terror including some of the greatest themes in all Giallo

10. (and this is important) 350ml bottles of J and B Scotch (because I couldn’t get a 750ml to fit in the box and couldn’t find a 500ml)

Some of the included items:

I created the box and designed the artwork myself, and while it isn’t perfect, it is one of a kind (damn spray glue!). I had gone so far as to think I would cancel the giveaway because I wanted this dam thing for myself, but if this goes well I may create more playsets and board games of a horror variety. This is not a board game per say. It simply comes in a box that resembles and mimics some of the stereotypes of a board game. We will do a board game I assure you and in fact it is already in the works for a different event (tease tease tease).

So how do you win this motherfucker? Well first off you have to be over 21 (or the proper age to purchase alcohol in the country in which you live). There’s booze inside. I don’t want to get ratfucked by your pissed off parents. Drink responsibly. Kill responsibly. To win the Giallo Playset all I ask is that you come up with the title to a faux Giallo film and brief (or not so brief) plot. Anything will do thought the entries will be judged by their merit and appropriateness to the genre. If you’ve already created a faux trailer or short, send me that. You’ll be entered. If you’ve created a full length Giallo film, I’d love to review it and you’re entered. You can even use this:


This is something I stumbled upon when researching the concept of Giallo name generators as hypothesized by House of Mysterious Secrets owner Kevin Miller. I wanted to create one for the site and dedicate it to HOMS, but then I realized a genius had already done it. It’s perfect to help you along with your entry. You can absolutely use this generator to enter if you want, and make sure to let this fella know just how much you love his creation. It’s badass. 

Send your entries to with subject line Giallo Playset Giveaway. We will pick a winner Friday July 18th (the semi-official end to Italian Horror Week). Best of luck to all of you. This is a worldwide contest. I’ll ship it anywhere. Just enter and enjoy. MUST GO TO A LOVING HOME! Also, please send me a picture of yourself with the playset when it arrives. I’d love to have that as a keepsake to remember

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  1. This is GENIUS. I'll leave the giveaway to a more deserving giallo fan; I'm still a newbie myself. Awesome job, though, this made my day!