Tuesday, August 12, 2014

STREAMING UPDATE: HG Lewis' The Gruesome Twosome now on Full Moon Streaming!

We're going to be doing some regular updates with regard to streaming updates (though nothing as comprehensive or genius as Psychotronic Netflix. Today we bring you an update regarding Full Moon Streaming who have licensed Something Weird's catalog and have started regular updates in that regard. Per their most recent release post The Gruesome Twosome has just hit the stream along with the new William Shatner Full Moon Fright Night verison of Ragdoll! They've also put out Cannibals from the Blue Underground licensing endeavor (starting tomorrow). 

If you need an alternative to Netflix that has a shit ton of horror, this is beginning to be my go to for horror streaming.

Take a look and sign up.

Full release from Full Moon:

The SOMETHING WEIRD library continues today on FullMoonStreaming with one of Lewis' weirdest flicks, 1967's THE GRUESOME TWOSOME. EveryMonday, we'll release another film from this legendary home video label of delirious exploitation movies. Check out all the other crazy trailers coming soon.

This Friday brings William Shatner's Full Moon Fright Night version of Ragdoll, which was original released as part of our urban horror line through Big City.

On the GRINDHOUSEFLIX side of the spectrum, culled from the amazing Blue Underground library, CANNIBALS will be on FMS tomorrow.

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