Sunday, September 21, 2014

Shop Morbid Spotlight - THE EXORCIST

For our latest installment of our look into the Shop Morbid catalog we are focusing in on the Exorcist. Many of you know that we will be seeing a full box set of all The Exorcist pictures on Blu-ray in a concise box set very shortly. It contains the prequels, the sequels and the original; the original movie being the most terrifying of the bunch and most rewatchable (part III being the next in line as a fan favorite). Ask your parents about The Exorcist and they'll regale you with tales of being frightened to death at the thought of seeing this picture in the theater. It has a history. It's potent, and it still holds up.

That makes it a damn fine Halloween costume if you ask me. That's where Shop Morbid comes into play. They have a number licensed products from the Exorcist that, when used in tandem, will most likely terrify the houses you haunt for Halloween, the parties you get drunk at and most likely torment your parents as well (the sign of a truly great costume).

Here are three Exorcist related items that, when used in tandem, could create the ultimate creep out, just add a little lighting and perhaps some pea soup.


The Exorcist Regan Mask is an over-the-head latex mask depicting Regan MacNeil from the hit film, "The Exorcist." This mask includes hair and the face is made to look like Regan is possessed, complete with gashes on the face, dark circles around the eyes, terrifying teeth, and a little bit of puke on the mouth. Pair this mask with our The Exorcist Regan Costume for a spooktacular look this Halloween! One size fits most.


The Exorcist Regan costume is sure to be a hit this Halloween! If you're going for the scary and possessed vibe, be sure to pick up this nightgown and wig set to look just like Regan MacNeil from "The Exorcist." The nightgown is made all the more gross with fake blood and puke! If you want to really be a hit this Halloween, check out our The Exorcist Regan Mask for the complete look! One size fits most.


This terrifying doorway drape features images of possessed Regan MacNeil and Pazuz the demon from the classic horror film, "The Exorcist." This creepy decor item measures 7' x 3' and is made of fabric. What could be scarier for your haunted bash than having your guests walk through some of the most terrifying and deominc characters from your favorite horror film?!


The Exorcist Life-Sized Regan prop stands 5' tall and is a great realistic prop to add to your pro collection! Regan has fully poseable arms and her head rotates 360 degrees. In addition, her body shakes, her eyes light up, and she has realistic jaw motion! This animated prop plays 6 audio tracks and theme from the movie. Regan's animation is activated by sensors so you can leave her anywhere in your haunted house and she will be sure to give your guests a nice, healthy scare!

Imagine you walk into a house, first passing through a doorway drape featuring a horrifying image of Regan, followed by being unexpectedly scared by a life-sized Regan in the corner just past the doorway and then, the culmination, a friend jumps out at you and where you might expect a good friend, you see the devil himself in Regan form. Shop Morbid has other Exorcist related items that we will be focusing on throughout our lead up to Halloween.

You can find these items as well as other licensed horror goodies featuring your favorite horror icons at Shop Morbid. Take a look at their website, updated for 2014! 

Make sure to enter their $500 Halloween Shopping spree!

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