Friday, October 31, 2014

Double DOUBLE Feature: CARNAL HAVEN + HER LAST FLING and RED HEAT + HOT VAMPIRE + PEEPING TOM [Vinegar Syndrome DVD] - Peekarama!

I'm playing catch up. It's been such a tremendous Halloween season that I had gotten sidetracked in supporting and writing about two new Vinegar Syndrome Peekaramas. We will feature Carnal haven, Her Last Fling, Red Heat, Hot Vampire and... Peeping Tom (so it's even more than a double DOUBLE feature). These are adult features, not for kids but definitely for collectors in need of old thrills with new transfers of lost classics. Much thanks to Vinegar Syndrome for continuing a new era in preservation and smut. October was a huge month featuring Dracula Sucks and RAW FORCE!

First double feature:


Synopsis From Vinegar Syndrome: A group of unhappy couples are taught the joys of having a quality marriage.

What fantastic narration! It’s like… educational even. Smooth saxophone jazz music and perhaps the most annoying credits ever make this a fun watch. This is almost a marital aid with a plot and at a better price; one might consider buy a bottle of wine or perhaps some MDMA and seeing if the old love life can be saved from the pits of the seven year itch. From instructional to orgy (so they can test what they’ve learned) this is a hands on experience for the viewer though I would say that this is far from the plot driven porn I prefer. The demonstration of the location of the clit was perfect (and may help some of you who have been drinking to many Mountain Dews and rolling twelve sided die. And everyone is happy in the end so that's something to look forward to.


Synopsis From Vinegar Syndrome: After being told she has only weeks to live, a beautiful woman embarks on an erotic adventure.

Our lead starts off sick and figures the only thing to do with her time left is to fuck. This movie has very dramatic, symphonic music that feels so much more majestic than the contents of the movie; it's almost legend or mythological movie style music.  The strange narration is the director’s style as are long drawn out orgies (last forever) in strange locations and… repeat. Guess how it ends? How would you end a porn about a woman who is sick and decides it's time to get naughty?  Miracles really do happen. Check out the stache on the doc.

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 16:9 Anamorphic | MONO
+ Both features sourced from 35mm camera negative
+ Original theatrical trailers

Second doule feature (plus one):


Synopsis From Vinegar Syndrome: While shooting an X rated movie, a mysterious killer begins offing members of the cast and crew.

This is a very a physical adult feature. Long drawn out close ups of cocks being sucked and fucking. Very close. Too close? Nah. I think you can see her kidneys! It’s almost erotic, and the women are extremely attractive and the guys are creepy. Who needs a story line when you have long drawn out poundings like this.


Synopsis From Vinegar Syndrome: Dracula sends his female vampires out to collect blood via the most unusual methods.

This is one hokey movie with bad acting and fun sex. Drac and his assistant getting tugged off (flaccid cocks a go go). I mean how HARD is it to get these guys up? The horror theme doesn’t exactly help this production I’m afraid with cheap sets and costuming. What I feared from Dracula Sucks (the other vamp porn released by Vinegar Syndrome) but turned out to be excellent is realized in Hot Vampire. This is a tragically bad movie with plenty of entertainment value on it's schlock side.

Synopsis From Vinegar Syndrome: A lonely voyeur spies on the sexual lives of Las Vegas’ white trash.

This is just a low quality fuck fest. Long drawn out, lo quality scenes that remind me of some of Ed Wood’s films. The girls are cheap and perfect. The guys… are disgusting. Trash lives. You want a story? Find another movie.

+ Dual-Layer DVD-9 | Region Free | 4:3 Full Frame | MONO
+ RED HEAT sourced from 35mm Release Print
+ MLLOAHV + PT sourced from 16mm prints

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