Monday, October 27, 2014

THE MADNESS: Automatons Week Three! A Quick Rushed Effort aka No Time For Love Dr. Jones

Here is my scoring for Madness Week  3. This is a horror movie watching competition that I having fun with this October. These are quick, unedited reviews with a rating and approximate pt values.  20 pts Much less than last week. Hope this helps the team at all. Unfortunately I will be in Disney next week and may not get to watch all that much more. Between pumpkin picking, work, a trip to Hot Dog Johnnys and seeing a good friend, no time for love Dr. Jones.

Rating this week will be in terms of  Stars because I have no time to be create right now.

Walking Dead Ep 1  1 hour show (watching when it premiered) 5 star 1 pt


This was one of the best episodes ever and definitely the perfect way to start season 5. My interest is renewed!


The Keep  4.5 star rating 6 pt – Golem


Love this movie, just saw it this past year for the first time and it was amazing on a large screen. I hope we get an uncut version on Blu-ray some day


Black Magic 3 stars – 3 pts – puppets and voodoo dolls used to convey a curse.


Not quite my style but perfectly funny, Asian film about magic and how to use it to seduce and kill people.


Texas Chainsaw Massacre III 4 stars – 2 pts


One of my favorite installments in the TCM series. Best soundtrack of them all and premieres Vigo!


Blue Monkey 4 stars 3 pts practical creature effects


This movie needs a proper Blu-ray release. We should start a damn petition. I was astonished with how amazing it was. Loved it. Brilliant effects.


Pet Sematary 4 stars – 2 pts  


I cannot watch this movie ever again. I nearly cried in the theater and everyone was laughing. Who laughs at fucking Pet Sematary? You fucking heathens!


The Gate II – 4 stars 3 pts – practical creature effects


This was so much better than I thought it was going to be. I love it. Need to own it and it’s a brilliant continuation of the original story with many of the same awesome effects that worked in the original. Definitely wish we had a Gate III.


Exists – 3.5 stars 2 pts


Blogged about it and loved it. Great movie from Eduardo Sanchez and stick with it past the 30 minute mark. Gets really great!

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