Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Three Ripening Cherries and Sensual Fire (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - The Peekarama is Open

Tonight we will be exploring Carlos Tobalina again. For some of you this will mean nothing. Some will cry out in agony and wonder, "must all movies end in orgies"? Yet others will enjoy what Tobalina has to offer no matter which pseudonym he uses or stars he plucks from the fount of 70's adult featuredom. We're here to discuss a Peekarama, a double feature adult film expose, on DVD out now.

Stop by Vinegar Syndrome to order now:

Three Ripening Cherries

From Vinegar Syndrome:

Three suburban virgins, eager to learn about sex, take their education into their own hands. When life gives them the opportunity to wet their appetites, will the reality live up to the fantasy?
What opens on a wide shot of San Francisco in what would almost appear to be an Italian zombie or cannibal picture save for the fact that the opening doesn't feature New York City or an imposter NYC, turns quickly to a much more closed off feature. Don't expect wide sweeping shots of the city or night life. Do not expect large expansive, well composed landscapes. The action turns in doors. It's opening credit sequences like these that make you wonder what Tobalina really wanted to be doing or what movie he had just scene at the "legit" theater to influence the choice for opening. Do not let the opening credits fool you. This is all behind closed doors.

Three Ripening Cherries follows a fairly standard porn format and plot line which is almost uncomfortable. Tobalina generally goes into chaotic meat soirees rather than well though out story lines with flashbacks and narrative that follows a more linear fashion. Rest assured that it doesn't last throughout the entire picture and you'll soon be thrown to the orgies (though maybe not when you would expect). This movie has segues. It has variation of scene and age group and even sexual style.

I want you to pay attention to the John Belushi poster. It really ties the room together. You'll notice it between orgies opening with a small threesome before growing (a 25 minute one at that!). The second orgy starts while the first is still going and then Tobalina intercuts the two going back and forth between them. It's actually confusing. So many genitals to keep track of. I cannot stress this enough that Three Ripening Cherries is filled to the brim with HOTties.  In these first couple sequences you may notice an overabundance of grain. It's really just low light in the shooting of the film and not a transfer or print issue.

What will surprise you about Cherries is that it doesn't end with an orgy (spoiler?). There's not as much kaleidoscope either. Come to think of it, this feels like the most un-Tobalina picture I've enjoyed so far. Make sure to stick around for the guy with the Bob Dylan haircut wielding some hearty bondage gear; what a damn maniac.

Sensual Fire 

From Vinegar Syndrome:

A man lusts after his nubile stepdaughter, knowing the sinful nature of his desires. Can he satisfy his lust with others or will his secret fantasies send him over the edge?
I urge Vinegar Syndrome to get a hold of the rights to Neon Nights. That's the one where Jamie Gillis goes after his lover's daughter until of course they are discovered. That's my plug. Who knows if they can get their hands on this Cecil Howard classic. It is one of my favorite by far. I mention it here because Sensual Fire opens on a similar note. Jamie Gillis fucking a woman who turns out to be his stepdaughter (not quite the daughter of his lover I suppose). He fantasizes about her and eventually becomes a neurotic mess over the though of pounding away at her.

The very though of Gillis' character seeking out surrogate sexual partners to take the place of his stepdaughter his perfectly hot, but it's also quite humorous. Plenty of hot scenes and moderately orgy free again for a Tobalina film though there is noticeable Kaleido vision in this one (which is totally normal of course).

Gillis fans should rejoice. You know he's gonna get the girl, right? By any means necessary even (we know he's been in his share of roughies). How you might ask? Well if you put him in a Zoro costume and set him free, who could resist?

There's some scratching on film toward the end, but it the Kaleidoscopic sexual madness will make you forget.

Both features are sourced from 35mm camera negatives and include theatrical trailers with the double feature poster art on the cover The Peekarama series always preserves this beautifully though I would love a reverse with each poster featured separately. That's just me being greedy.


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