Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Dark Summer (Scream Factory Blu-ray)

Dark Summer is the newest installment in horror pictures that focus on a young audience and their dilemmas. In this instance we follow a young man who gets put on house arrest for stalking a classmate and then the supernatural occurrences that turn the tables on our protagonist. It’s a novel film for this age and one that should be enjoyed by old and young audiences with plenty of frights and so much to learn. Though the premise can be unbelievable at times, once we realize we are in the land of fable, we are allowed to let our mind soak up the message, appreciate the darker aspects and often divisive urges we have as well as some pretty filmmaking. Scream Factory releases another successful new effort with this great looking Blu-ray.

Dark Summer is a cautionary tale; don’t stalk your classmates or something or someone will stalk you right back. Of course it’s almost romantic and sweet especially when you take into the consideration the relationship our stalker has with his close friends. This friendship actually allows you to feel sympathy for our protagonist while allowing you to form a strong bond with the character rather than expect a prudent revenge be visited upon him for his own criminal behavior. Dark Summer is just that… dark. It’s brooding and it has plenty of little pop scares that work.  Keir Gilchrist has been working up to this kind of role especially with how much I enjoyed him in It Follows.

This disc is packed with extras that add to the discussion about the motivation behind the characters and the creating of this scare flick. It’s a modern movie shot in HD and looks good on Blu-ray.

You can order Dark Summer now. It’s for lovers you know… or maybe for interested parties who like to stalk each other romantically.

From Scream Factory

This truly frightening, modern ghost story follows Daniel Williamson (Keir Gilchrist of It Follows, United States Of Tara and Dead Silence), a 17-year-old boy under house arrest for cyber-stalking a classmate. With his mother away on business, obsessive Daniel flirts with the idea of reconnecting with the classmate, Mona (Grace Phipps of Fright Night). But fate has different ideas for him when Mona is driven to desperate measures and Daniel discovers that someone – or something – is now stalking him. With the tables turned, Daniel becomes trapped in a house he cannot leave… with a malicious presence he can't escape.

Features include

Audio Commentary With Director Paul Solet
Atmosphere And Style Featurette
Director Paul Solet Featurette
The Art Of Dark Summer Featurette
The Music Of Dark Summer Featurette
A Conversation With Peter Stormare Featurette
The Kids - Cast Interviews
Theatrical Trailer

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