Thursday, June 11, 2015

Long Jeanne Silver (Vinegar Syndrome DVD) - So THAT'S What They Mean By LONG!

I saved most of the sensationalist novelty porn for my youth. The weird stuff was just to gross out your friends or prove to yourself that you could pretty much jack off to anything. And so the years pass and the internet happens and the porn gets bigger and brighter are more insane. One morning you wake up and believe that you've seen everything just because you've checked out the German tab on YouPorn. That, my friends, is why Long Jeanne Silver exists. To show you that maybe the internet hasn't shown you everything there is to see. Occasionally the dark sorted world of the golden age of pornography is more telling, more awe inspiring and more erotic than even our worldwide webbed minds can imagine. It is for that reason that we thank Vinegar Syndrome for bringing us Long Jeanne Silver on DVD. To open our minds (and our flies).

So what's soooo long about Jeanne? Her leg. Her footless leg (a stump if you will) that feels like a rather large penis, at least that's what the ladies (and the men) say. Without reading the back of the box I had no idea what I was in for. Part of me thought I'd be indulging in transvestite porn. That doesn't both me and neither did this, but I certainly didn't expect the "long" thing from the title to be anything less than a cock. I guess that makes me one closeminded schlep. I suppose the next logical question is to ask if I enjoyed what I saw on screen? Absolutely. It's hot alright.

Long Jeanne Silver is awesome. Watching someone get fucked with an amputated stump of a leg is really not all that weird once the penetration begins. Suspend your disbelief for a few moments and you might even forget that you're watching an appendage enter a holiest of holys. Nevermind the adventurous music that makes you feel bold and daring, like a masked hero about to go where no appendage has gone before. Then add some female and male rimming or at least what appears to be said act, and you begin to realize that this is one advanced flick.

Great star studded threesomes give way to matter of fact, almost exploitation cinema level narratives from Jeanne herself. Once you realize that Jeanne is going to ass fuck a guy with her stump, well... you realize just how far this movie is prepared to go to offer you a new experience. The claim of course is that she is "bigger than Johnny Holmes". I suppose that's true.  This movie is filled with the famous DeRenzy closeups that make porn worth while, threesomes, fantastic magazine spreads, girl on girl toy action and a superb stump licking session.

This is one nice looking transfer from 16mm vault elements.

It's always nice to be told not to stick to your seat when you leave a picture. Always.

You can order Long Jeanne Silver from Vinegar Syndrome now. Experience the finer points of alternative erotic experience. Love the stump. Lick the stump.

From Vinegar Syndrome:

From master filmmaker Alex deRenzy, comes one of the most radical erotic films of the 1970’s, LONG JEANNE SILVER. Part documentary, part vignette film, Long Jeanne Silver follows the erotic encounters of beautiful amputee, Jeanne Silver, as she invites her lovers to experience her unique sexual gift. DeRenzy’s cinema verite styled camera captures Jeanne as she experiences the pleasures of men and women alike, between heart felt and candid glimpses of her real life and personality. Vinegar Syndrome is proud to present this incredibly unique film on DVD fully uncut and newly restored from rare 16mm vault elements.

Director: Alex deRenzy / 65m / 1977 / Color / 1.33:1

Features Include:

+ DVD | Region Free | 1.33:1 OAR
+ Scanned and restored in 2k from 16mm vault elements
+ New commentary with Jeanne Silver

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