Friday, June 12, 2015

Satan's Blade (Olive and Slasher//Video Blu-ray) - The Legend of THE GIANT MAN

Directed by: L. Scott Castillo Jr

Remastered by Slasher // Video from a 2K scan using the original 35mm print.
At a remote ski resort, the haunting legend of the mountains becomes a shocking reality when seemingly innocent holiday revelers become victims of sadistic stabbings at the tip of Satan’s Blade. Romance and murder are horrifyingly entangled in a film that honors the slasher film genre.

This Blu-ray looks grimy, grindy good. This is my first venture with Satan’s Blade. If the cover doesn’t sell you on the movie the distro company should. While Olive is releasing Satan’s Blade, Slasher//Video is behind the magic. This is a stellar partnership that should give more presence to Slasher//Video releases in the market place while at the same time allowing for the full package that only a boutique label can offer. These guys truly love these films.

This is a basic, badly acted slasher film from the early 80’s. That means you know what to expect. Plenty of gratuity, some terrible violence that is laughable and perfect fun as well as a near overabundance of naked flesh. Each kill somehow involves superhuman feats of painless death by the victim… until they simply die in a Bugs Bunny, fall over and die fashion. The dialogue is poor and perfect, delivered flat and comes off as the thing of Mystery Science Theater fodder. It’s best not to approach this one as if it has any chance of being frightening.

The legend is pure cheese, stereotypical horror bliss.  The legend of … THE GIANT MAN! Combined with an ordinary but appropriate synth/piano score and you are taken back to a time when quality meant nothing and quantity was king. The cover is built to fool you into thinking you have a true horror film, high on production and budget when really… just the opposite is true. It’s exactly what we trash fiends love. The cover sells us then we laugh the juxtaposition of cover vs. synopsis on the back of the box vs. what’s on screen.

Make sure to enjoy the subtle touches that make this packaging awesome. The rewind sticker on a Blu-ray case is enchanting for nostalgic tapeheads upgrading.

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