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The Cut-Throats (Vinegar Syndrome LE DVD) – Burlesque Girls with Machine Guns

Vinegar Syndrome has released a period piece, World War II, absolutely gonzo release by the name of The Cut-Throats with plenty of softcore nudity and camp sexuality. It’s limited to 1,500 units, and I can assure you there’s something in this movie to make you laugh, something to arouse your curiosity as to what REALLY went on at the close of the war in Europe and a movie that feels as much like a Mel Brooks comedy as it does a slap stick Monty Python skit.

Having never previously heard of this John Hayes classic from 1969, I let the strange, action packed cover art tell me a story before even watching the picture. The cover doesn’t do the zany nature of this film justice. It goes from seemingly serious World War II action, drama to burlesque, boobs-in-the-hand-worth-two-in-the-bush. What you come to find out is that The Cut-Throats takes a serious, though admittedly low budget approach to a big Hollywood plot. What it can’t hope to make up for in terms of realism, caliber of actor and set pieces, it succeeds in well-timed comedy with a bunch of straight-men that quickly rollover and become the center of silly Nazi hijinks. What starts off as a serious picture… or at least serious for a minute or two… takes a turn of the serious and then immediately finds its way into Best Little Whorehouse in Texas territory.

The transfer is pure early exploitation gold and looks very nice for a DVD with brilliant colors. It is not washed out at all. The Cut-Throats is slim on extras with only a theatrical trailer, but it also has a reasonable price tag and has been accompanying the package bundles from Vinegar Syndrome (see site for details on release). Once the package deals have been exhausted you’ll find a limited number of these on DiabolikDVD and the Vinegar Syndrome site. This is a title you might not see hit the market otherwise, is not prime for a re-release in a bigger batch and will be highly collectible along with the other Vinegar Syndrome limited editions.

While I cannot say for certain as to why it is a limited edition release, I don’t think a movie like The Cut-Throats has a huge following. Period War movies are a huge market and director John Hayes has a fantastic though obscure back catalog. Unfortunately I don’t think the combination of those two facts translates into a high demand. Some of his early films were war pictures, but then again, some of the were the kind of thing you’d find on Something Weird with titles like The Farms’ other Daughter, Walk the Angry Beach and Help Wanted Female preceding the release of The Cut-Throats. It seems that The Cut-Throats took the most successful, filthy elements from this softcore 60’s picture and combined it with an early John Hayes picture, Shell Shock to create a new story that paved the way for a picture like Prisoner of Paradise.

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From Vinegar Syndrome:

At the close of WWII, an elite squad of American soldiers infiltrates a remote Nazi outpost with the intention of stealing battle plans and ending the war early.

Unknown to his troops, the American Captain’s real motives for attacking the compound is to steal a hidden cache of Nazi jewels. In a bloody attack the soldiers storm the base, and discover beautiful Nazi women. The Americans take them as prisoners, but can they overcome their sexual desires and fulfill their mission? Will their corrupt officer let any of his troops make it out alive?

Directed by John Hayes (Baby Rosemary, Grave of the Vampire), THE CUT-THROATS is an early hybrid of Nazisploitation and sexploitation coming to DVD for the first time!

Director: John Hayes
76 minutes / 1969 / Color / 1.85:1

Features Include:

+ DVD | Region Free | 1.85:1 OAR
+ Restored in 2k from 35mm archival elements
+ Original Theatrical Trailer

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