Sunday, June 7, 2015

The House with 100 Eyes (Artsploitation DVD) - Beauty is in the Eye of the Snuff Film

The House with 100 Eyes follows a couple of seemingly normal, average, ordinary, everyday snuff filmmakers through the trials and tribulations of getting a film made. In part this husband and wife team have the very same issues that will affect any independent filmmakers. Finding the right cast. Sticking to a script. Making sure the talent follows direction and making sure the ultimate vision is that of the filmmaker and not of consequence. Artsploitation is known for releasing films that test the audience either with an intense depiction of graphic violence or providing thought-provoking films that challenge the mind. The House with 100 Eyes has both elements wrapped in an entertaining package that epitomizes that importance of this young distributor.

This is one funny movie (though not obviously funny) with a unique shooting style incorporating camera perspective from multiple security and placed cameras used to capture all the action in the house as well as found footage, handheld elements in the actual filming of the snuff film. It’s a balance that is walked carefully and to excellent effect. You don’t feel nauseated by the shooting style. It actually works for the production and helps to tell the story as it is well integrated into the plot.

The effects works is thrilling at times. There are two masterful kills, some excellent gore and one kill that actually turned my stomach. What surprised me about that particular kill was that it wasn’t overly graphic in any way I had seen before.

Performances by all involved were on point especially the dynamic between husband and wife, murder team that played off each other as you might expect two maniacs might. They are husband and wife, coworkers, friends and, in a sense adversaries.

The House with 100 Eyes is sexually charged and depicts graphic depictions of torture and murder as well as some very rough sex (though not X rated explicit). It has the power to disturb especially as you realize that you’re laughing at the ultimate misfortune of some likable characters. What this movie does well is balances the need for pure entertainment value with a bold look inside the underground world of illegal filmmaking while creating an environment in which you can question all common conceptions of marriage and relationships. It’s a loving movie. It’s a comedy. It’s a fucked up nightmare with fucked up people doing fucked up things.

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From Artsploitation:

It’s Henry – Portrait of a Serial Killer meets This is Spinal Tap in the gory mockumentary THE HOUSE WITH 100 EYES, the grisliest, darkest horror-comedy ever imaginable. Ed and Susan are just your average, middle-class American suburban married couple: they have their quirks, their romantic moments, their hobbies. One of these hobbies has even turned into a small business venture for the couple…because Ed and Susan are also serial killers who sell snuff videos of their crimes through the internet underground. Since Ed is determined that their next video will surpass all of their previous work, he has decided that it will feature three kills in one night – but after they abduct their intended victims, things don’t go as planned. Filmed entirely through the perspective of Ed’s many cameras, and labeled “one of the greatest horror films of the century” by Film Radar, this film is as shocking as it is slyly satirical about violence and media exploitation.

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