Friday, June 12, 2015

Zombieworld (Image DVD UK Edition) - The Zed Variety Hour Has Begun

Let’s be clear about one thing. The Region 2 PAL edition of Zombieworld has a much better cover than the US release. The yellow background with zany skull face and red rope licorice tongue that goes off to infinity… this is a cover meant to sell a product and accurately conveys the amount of fun the viewer is about to have. You see despite current trend filmmakers to cash in on the zombie craze which has generated some bad movies and ultimately turned off the core audience, Zombieworld stands out a truly special collection of zed flicks with a variety of styles, stories and filmmakers. The whole thing is put together under the Dread Central banner and has received high marks.

What’s to enjoy? The variety of stories. Zombieworld is an amalgam of previously shot short zombie films. This is not a traditional anthology picture a la Amicus that was created by one studio and one artist. It’s all combined with a news report of the great zed invasion which plays to the comedic strength inherent in zombie entertainment. I’m not saying that the wrap is an ode to Return of the Living Dead, but for a non-living dead, independent voice… it’s pretty damn good. Inside you get everything from a beach zombie brawl that goes gonzo to a religious experience involving Jesus Christ… zombie destructor! Stories vary in quality, but there is surely something for every taste. Gore if you like it. Heady, emotive piece (or the zombie equivalent there of) if you want something more cerebral than “brains!”.

If you hate zombie-everything right now, I hope that this combo of short fiction can change your mind. As a zombie enthusiast who has seen the good, the bad and the truly DEAD (and not undead in a good way) I think it holds up to scrutiny, pays the proper respect to fan favorites while creating novelty in a flooded genre.

Image has put out a good looking, modern release with good package worthy of supporting a physical media release. It has a one bonus feature: Marathon Apocalypse.

 Remember that going Region Free to support a release gives you options, like this out of sight cover art. The reverse briefly displays the US release artwork… not nearly as yellow. Not nearly as fun.

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